John Bowman

John Bowman

John Bowman is a writer, musician and father living in Siskiyou County where he takes inspiration from the mountains, rivers and communities of the North State region.

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    What’s a Pump Track? – Two-Wheeled Thrills!

    Looking for a great way to get the family outdoors and get some two-wheeled exercise? Then a day at the pump track might be just what the doctor ordered. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced bike rider, a few runs around a pump track will leave you exhilarated and smiling. If you’re wondering what a pump track is, you’re not alone. For those … [Read more...]

    Shasta Gold Caramel Corn

    Northern California residents and visitors to the region have been abuzz lately about the discovery of a new kind of gold. But you won’t find this gold in the streambeds or deep under ground. In fact, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Martinez family of Redding, nuggets of Shasta Gold Caramel Corn can be easily obtained right from the … [Read more...]

    Families in Business: First Class Shuttle

    Bigweld, the fictional entrepreneur in the movie Robots, had a catchphrase that summed up his business philosophy: “See a need, fill a need.” That’s exactly what Eric Vickery and his family did when they started First Class Shuttle to provide shuttle service for weary travellers commuting between Redding and the Sacramento airport. “I’m a dental … [Read more...]

    Fourteen Adventures With Dad – Make a “Daddy Date” (with Grandpa too!)

    As Father’s Day approaches, dads and their kids are beginning to look for the perfect way to celebrate the importance of the paternal bond. Here in California’s North State region, the opportunities for family adventure, education and bonding are endless. Whether it’s exploring wild and scenic natural wonders, learning about the marvels of science … [Read more...]