Jennifer Phelps

Jennifer Phelps

Jennifer Phelps is a Shasta County mom, writer, and amateur dog trainer (by necessity) who enjoys family art projects, making homemade pizza, and trying to rid her garden of weeds.

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    The ABCs Of Grief – Helping Your Child Cope With The Loss Of A Pet

    The day you and your family bring home your new pet, Fluffy, is truly exciting.  Whether it is a dog, cat or hamster, owning a pet can provide a valuable opportunity for your child to learn responsibility, care and patience. But what about when the inevitable happens, and Fluffy eventually dies?  Losing a pet can be a very traumatic event for … [Read more...]

    In The Company of Horses – Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Focuses On Solutions

    For thousands of years, people have enjoyed a special bond with horses. We admire them for their beauty, strength and intelligence. They are valuable to us both as work animals and companion animals. But now, a therapeutic approach called Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is adding yet another dimension to the age-old interaction between mankind … [Read more...]