Jenna Christophersen

Jenna Christophersen

Jenna Christophersen is a Chico native who loves her community and can never get quite enough of the arts. She supports fostering creativity in any venue, especially as a part of young people’s daily lives.

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    Exploring the Options for Financing Solar Panels

    Perhaps you want to save money on your electricity bill. Perhaps you advocate the environmental benefits of alternative energy. Whatever your motivation, if you’re thinking about installing solar panels at home, you’re likely thinking about one other factor: cost. The good news is that you have options for how to go about making your solar … [Read more...]

    Be Inspired – Inspire School of Arts & Sciences “Super Gala”

    As its name suggests, Chico’s Inspire School of Arts and Sciences exists to inspire young people. On a day-to-day basis, Inspire “strives to motivate and empower its students to reach their intellectual, creative, personal, civic, and social potentials.” And on January 9th, 2016, the school’s efforts will go not only toward inspiring current … [Read more...]