Jenna Christophersen

Jenna Christophersen

Jenna Christophersen is a Chico native who loves her community and can never get quite enough of the arts. She supports fostering creativity in any venue, especially as a part of young people’s daily lives.

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    Mini Maker Faires Set To Inspire & Amaze in Redding & Ashland

    More than a decade ago, Dale Dougherty and Sherry Huss noted that our increasingly consumer-focused society often disregards the fundamental human activity of creating. From this notion came the idea for the first Maker Faire, which took place in the Bay Area in 2006. The goal of the faire was to offer a community-based learning environment to … [Read more...]

    Your Local Library is a Hub of Activity

    If a library isn’t your idea of the “happening place” in town, it’s time to walk back through the doors of your local branch. Gayle Harrington, Cottonwood’s director of library services says, “Libraries have to change with the times. We’re not the old-fashioned library anymore, where librarians were always telling people, ‘Shhh.’ We’re in the … [Read more...]

    Empowering Women: North State Resources for Women

    Good news for female entrepreneurs: according to Jefferson Economic Development Institute Executive Director Nancy Swift, “Women-owned and small businesses are the fastest-growing part of our country’s economy.” And even better news: You do not have to attempt to start or run a business alone. Through business development classes, workshops and … [Read more...]

    Pumpkin Parlor Mystery

    When Marvin Root and his family decorated their front yard with pumpkins in the fall of 2010, they never anticipated the mysterious occurrences that would follow or the whimsical tradition that would result.  Six years ago, the Root family returned from a wedding with a van full of pumpkin party favors.  Marvin then installed small wooden … [Read more...]

    Before Sunrise: Making Time for Fitness, Friends and Nature

    Three days a week, Anne Ripke works as a veterinarian in Chico. As the wife of a physician and mother of 15-year-old twins, Anne’s day-to-day life is full and active, and her schedule is far from empty. Nevertheless, early mornings find Anne adding yet another activity to her life: rowing. As early as 5:30am, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, … [Read more...]

    To The Olympics And Beyond – A Mother Shares How Supporting Her Daughters’ Athletic Passions Has Shaped Their Lives

    Denise Rapinoe saw it right away. Her twin daughters, Megan and Rachael, were athletes to the bone. At the age of 4, when many kids can scarcely pay attention for more than five minutes, the girls watched from the sidelines with undiverted intensity as their older brother Brian played soccer. The moment Brian’s team hit halftime, Megan and Rachael … [Read more...]

    Love To Learn: Museums To Start The School Year

    “Museum.” For some, this word piques excitement and interest. For many, it evokes bored childhood memories of hushed voices, slowly plodding steps, and the ever-constant scolding: “Don’t touch that!” If you fall into the latter category, it might be time to give museums another try. Among its many treasures, the North State can boast of … [Read more...]

    Perfect Plank – From Father’s Business to Family Business

    “Dad certainly had a sense of the right way to do things,” Jim Horne says. “He had the audacity to name his business ‘Perfect.’ I would have called it ‘Imperfect Plank’ – give a little room for human error! But his standards were very, very high. Over the past 50 years, we’ve done our best to follow those standards.” Jim’s father, Roy Horne, left … [Read more...]

    Cultivating Scientific Minds at Ponderosa Elementary School

    What physical traits define an insect? Why do raisins dropped in Sprite “dance”? What composes an owl pellet? Ask the students at Ponderosa Elementary School in Paradise. They can tell you. Clad in official scientist gear – aprons, goggles, and protective gloves – students who enter Ponderosa’s new Rotary-sponsored STEM Lab emerge as mini … [Read more...]

    Paint with a (Re-)Purpose

    “It’s the Goldilocks problem,” jokes Paul Fresina, communications director of PaintCare Inc. When it comes to buying paint, he says, “We’re looking for ‘just right,’ but sometimes we buy too little, and sometimes we buy too much.” PaintCare exists to address the latter predicament. As a liquid, paint cannot go into normal household waste bins. … [Read more...]