Jenna Christophersen

Jenna Christophersen

Jenna Christophersen is a Chico native who loves her community and can never get quite enough of the arts. She supports fostering creativity in any venue, especially as a part of young people’s daily lives.

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    Chico Science Fair – Developing Scientific Minds In The North State

    The Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico, California, hosts a variety of events throughout the year but the annual Chico Science Fair stands out for science aficionados. On Monday, February 26, over 700 kindergarten through 12th grade students will head to the fairgrounds, lugging inventions, observations and experiments. On Tuesday, 70 local … [Read more...]

    Healthy Play: Helping Kids Build Community And Empathy Through Play

    “Why do we play? What is the most important part of every game?” The Healthy Play curriculum used in Chico Unified School District elementary schools begins by posing these two questions. As kids brainstorm answers, Healthy Play staff guide the discussion to reveal Healthy Play’s two foundational principles. “We play to have fun, and people are the … [Read more...]

    Tutor Doctor in the North State: Ten Steps Toward Building Your Child’s Strong Academic Future

    It’s that time of day again. The kids are home from school, backpacks bulging with assignments that seem too complicated, too lengthy or too boring to begin. Perhaps you’ve tried to motivate your son to no avail or attempted to help your daughter on assignments that frighten even you. It might be time to call Tutor Doctor. Across the world, … [Read more...]

    Be the Change: Steve Wallace Starts North State kids off with Spanish

    What do a machinist, a world traveler and a bus driver all have in common? Not much, perhaps, except that Steve Wallace can claim all the above titles in addition to his current day job as a first-grade teacher. Steve teaches at Tree of Life International Charter School, a newly-established kindergarten through fourth-grade school in Anderson, CA. … [Read more...]

    Strings in Schools – Violin, Flute and Kindermusik in the North State

    Violins come in eight sizes, the smallest size merely 14.5 inches in length from scroll to end button. This adorable instrument fits snugly into the arm span of very young musicians, those around the age of four or five. But who would put such a complex instrument in the hands of such a young child? We turn to Strings in Schools, a Suzuki music … [Read more...]

    What’s On The Menu? Lifelong kitchen skills for teens at Dunsmuir High School

    “This is not like a class,” Jeff Capps announces to students enrolled in Dunsmuir High School Culinary Arts Program (Dunsmuir, CA). Each new roomful of students may well wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into, if not a class. But Jeff quickly explains: “This is more like a job. If you arrive on time and do as you’re asked, you’ll do well.” … [Read more...]

    Be the Change – Abbie Ehorn Drumming Up Confidence In Music Students Of All Ages

    Abbie Ehorn started her career as a primary school teacher at Evergreen Elementary School in Cottonwood, CA, and her passion for music leaked into every lesson. Her instinctive talent for blending music with classroom lessons earned Abbie the privilege of reviving the elementary school’s long-dormant music program. She eagerly launched into a … [Read more...]

    Sisson School’s Kitchen: Investing In Mt. Shasta Kids’ Health

    The site council for Sisson School in Mt. Shasta, CA, sends annual surveys to families to help maintain an excellent educational environment. Amid much positive feedback, responses have also included dissatisfaction with Sisson’s school lunches. Unfortunately, the lack of a commercial kitchen has crippled the district’s ability to enact much change … [Read more...]

    Indoor Play Areas Learn Through Play

    If winter weather keeps your kids cooped up until normal activities seem stale and attitudes begin to sour, these inventive indoor play areas offer refuge. Fully equipped with toys and activities that inspire creative play, these spaces offer two key ingredients to your child’s development: free-play and time with you. Research consistently … [Read more...]

    Under the Flags of Gratitude: Sherwood Montessori fosters thankfulness with a Festival of Gratitude

    Sherwood Montessori is kicking off November with an autumn festival on November 3. From after school to sundown, students and their families will play carnival games, run relays, enjoy a potluck dinner of hearty autumnal soups and chilis and make fall-themed crafts such as pinecone bird feeders. Donn Thomson, a local square dance caller, will set … [Read more...]