Jenna Christophersen

Jenna Christophersen

Jenna Christophersen is a Chico native who loves her community and can never get quite enough of the arts. She supports fostering creativity in any venue, especially as a part of young people’s daily lives.

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    Boys & Girls Club Opening Doors for Siskiyou County Youth

    “It’s about relating to kids with a lot of respect,” says Noam Zimin. “The people involved in Boys & Girls Clubs really, truly care about youth.” These values drew Zimin, a teacher and clay artist with 25 years of worldwide experience working with children, to the Boys & Girls Club. In the last seven years, Zimin has helped bring art back … [Read more...]

    Cooperative Preschools Help Families Start School Together

    For more than 50 years, parents in Redding and Paradise have formed two cooperative preschools, an arrangement in which parents collectively hire a trained teacher to provide their children with a quality preschool experience. Parents, grandparents or nannies of each child work at the school throughout the week, taking an active role in their … [Read more...]

    Be the Change: Shane Romain – Advocating for Chico’s Parks and People

    “Children are the next stewards of our earth,” explains Chico Park Services Coordinator Shane Romain. “If they don’t know about nature, they won’t care about or protect it.” Shane works diligently to “artfully present”, or interpret, the beauty and value of nature in ways both children and adults can connect with and respond to. “Our culture has … [Read more...]

    Be the Change: Lori Gaines – Advocating For Students And Parents Through Special Education

    Sam was in fifth grade when she entered Lori Gaines’ classroom, glowing with what Lori calls an “unshakable positive spirit.” Lori had taught students of all shapes, sizes and specialties for over fifteen years, but helping Sam integrate from a moderate/severe special education class into her general education class forged a unique bond. “She … [Read more...]

    For the Love of Singing: Through the Musical Door

    What’s a team activity that doesn’t occur on a court or field? Singing. Mt. Shasta Elementary School’s music program and the Children’s Choir of Chico, though two very different arenas, cultivate children’s love for singing, capitalizing on the many social, emotional and developmental benefits of singing in a group. Mt. Shasta Elementary School … [Read more...]

    Technology With A Purpose: Teaching Kids How To Use Technology To Improve Our World

    The term “technology” today often implies the constantly advancing devices at our fingertips: smartphones, laptops, smartwatches and tablets. For those who don’t keep up, technology can be a frightening phenomenon. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, however, primarily defines technology as “the practical application of knowledge.” From this perspective, … [Read more...]

    Starting on the Right Note: Music lessons give children lifelong benefits

    Recite the alphabet. Can you do it without mentally singing the tune you learned in preschool? The songs we learn as children influence how we think as adults, how we understand the world, and how we view ourselves. The North State offers many opportunities for children to take music lessons, actively producing some of the music that will not only … [Read more...]

    Mini Maker Faires Set To Inspire & Amaze in Redding & Ashland

    More than a decade ago, Dale Dougherty and Sherry Huss noted that our increasingly consumer-focused society often disregards the fundamental human activity of creating. From this notion came the idea for the first Maker Faire, which took place in the Bay Area in 2006. The goal of the faire was to offer a community-based learning environment to … [Read more...]

    Your Local Library is a Hub of Activity

    If a library isn’t your idea of the “happening place” in town, it’s time to walk back through the doors of your local branch. Gayle Harrington, Cottonwood’s director of library services says, “Libraries have to change with the times. We’re not the old-fashioned library anymore, where librarians were always telling people, ‘Shhh.’ We’re in the … [Read more...]

    Empowering Women: North State Resources for Women

    Good news for female entrepreneurs: according to Jefferson Economic Development Institute Executive Director Nancy Swift, “Women-owned and small businesses are the fastest-growing part of our country’s economy.” And even better news: You do not have to attempt to start or run a business alone. Through business development classes, workshops and … [Read more...]