Jenna Christophersen

Jenna Christophersen

Jenna Christophersen is a Chico native who loves her community and can never get quite enough of the arts. She supports fostering creativity in any venue, especially as a part of young people’s daily lives.

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    Sisson School’s Kitchen: Investing In Mt. Shasta Kids’ Health

    The site council for Sisson School in Mt. Shasta, CA, sends annual surveys to families to help maintain an excellent educational environment. Amid much positive feedback, responses have also included dissatisfaction with Sisson’s school lunches. Unfortunately, the lack of a commercial kitchen has crippled the district’s ability to enact much change … [Read more...]

    Indoor Play Areas Learn Through Play

    If winter weather keeps your kids cooped up until normal activities seem stale and attitudes begin to sour, these inventive indoor play areas offer refuge. Fully equipped with toys and activities that inspire creative play, these spaces offer two key ingredients to your child’s development: free-play and time with you. Research consistently … [Read more...]

    Under the Flags of Gratitude: Sherwood Montessori fosters thankfulness with a Festival of Gratitude

    Sherwood Montessori is kicking off November with an autumn festival on November 3. From after school to sundown, students and their families will play carnival games, run relays, enjoy a potluck dinner of hearty autumnal soups and chilis and make fall-themed crafts such as pinecone bird feeders. Donn Thomson, a local square dance caller, will set … [Read more...]

    Shasta Clayworks – Renee Wendy Helps Families Turn ‘Mud’ Into Memories

    Renee Wendy’s romance with pottery began with chemistry. “The Merrill Pottery Co-Op at UC Santa Cruz studio needed someone who could mix glazes,” she recalls, “and I’m a chemist, so I offered to make glazes and manage the studio in exchange for a membership.” Such proximity to pottery could only lead Renee to take up the craft herself. In 2011, … [Read more...]

    The Women’s Fund: Mobilizing Women in the Redding, CA Area Through Strategic Philanthropy

    Hatched in 2009 during the depths of the nationwide financial crisis, The Women’s Fund of Redding probably should have failed. After all, how could a philanthropic organization take flight when everyone felt that their financial wings had been clipped? Yet even during economic hardship, men and women of Shasta County rose with the vision to … [Read more...]

    Be the Change – Yvonne (Nenadal) McQuaid: Giving Children A Strong Start In Life

    Yvonne (Nenadal) McQuaid describes herself as “getting to the age where I’m starting to look back at my career.” But Yvonne doesn’t show any sign of slowing her efforts to do good in her community – starting with her own family and extending to families throughout Butte County through her position as director of Butte County’s First 5. Yvonne … [Read more...]

    Be the Change: Kate O’Rorke Helps North State Girls Become “Strong, Smart, And Bold” With Girls Inc.

    With a background in finance and real estate, Kate O’Rorke had never worked for a nonprofit before, let alone led one. But when a board member of Girls Inc. of the Northern Sacramento Valley (NSV) recommended her for the executive director position of the affiliate, Kate felt compelled to apply. “I have met bright young women who gave up because … [Read more...]

    Brighter Days: Red Bluff Library’s new location gives patrons easier access to the library’s treasures

    While browsing Facebook recently, Tehama County Librarian Todd Deck came across this post: “Why do we even have public libraries anymore? Aren’t they completely outdated?” Deck, who has a master’s degree in library science, took a deep breath, remembered the “Think Compassionately Online” sign he displays above the library computer area, and … [Read more...]

    Summer Sky: Getting Your Family Interested In Astronomy This Summer

    The hot, clear skies of summer have set the stage for several “stellar” performances this August. From the monthly full moon, to the annual Perseid Meteor Shower, to the once-in-a-century total solar eclipse, these fascinating sky-high events offer chances to stir up the scientist in Junior—or yourself. They also offer free family bonding time, … [Read more...]

    Localicious: Fit Feasting Without the Fuss – How 3 North State Women Make Healthy Eating Easy For Busy Families

    In a society ruled by the clock, Liza Wood, Michelle Cave and Jena Trzaskalski oppose the dichotomy of fast-and-easy food versus hearty-and-healthy meals. These creative, entrepreneurial women have instead found ways to make nutritionally dense meals that save their clients time and stress. Even better, each of these chefs works her culinary magic … [Read more...]