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Heidi Smith Luedtke

Author Heidi Smith Luedtke, PhD, is a personality psychologist and mom of two.

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    Learning Beyond The Books: 5 Skills Smart Kids Need

    Raising smart kids isn’t about “teaching to the test,” it’s about building brainpower. Kids who can seek information, connect ideas, and apply what they’ve learned aren’t just book-smart, they are life-smart. Cultivate your student’s success with these essential skills. Growth Mindset What it is: Smart kids define intelligence in terms of … [Read more...]

    “It’s Not Fair!” How To Handle Holiday Rivalry

    You shopped ‘til you dropped for holiday gifts. Then, as the flurry of wrapping and ribbons settles on the living room floor, you hear a shrill, small voice whine, “Mom, she got seven presents and I only got five. It’s not fair!” Material gifts are no substitute for parental affection. Still, kids make the connection between what parents give … [Read more...]

    Show & Tell: Ten Things Your Babysitter Should Know Before Your Next Night Out

    Whether you hire a neighborhood teen or a more seasoned sitter, you want to set her (or him) up for success. Armed with a little insider info and your mom-knows-best tips, your sitter will be ready for whatever kid chaos develops in your absence. 1. Approved snacks: Don’t expect a sitter to sift through your Mother Hubbardly cupboard in search of … [Read more...]

    Again! Again! How to Make Reading Irresistible for Preschool Boys

    I want my son to love books – so I began reading to him when he was tiny. Despair descended when, at six months old, he was more interested in eating books than reading them. But I wiped off the drool and kept reading. My son loves books now. But my concern for boys’ language development persists. The National Center for Educational Statistics … [Read more...]

    Eight Benefits of Doula Support During Labor

    Labor and delivery is a lot like free-fall parachuting. You can take classes to prepare. You may file a detailed plan for the (blessed) event. Still, jumping into the action with only your partner’s support seems scary. Even experienced moms can benefit from a doula’s help. Here’s how: Benefit #1: Continuous Care Most moms agree: Labor and … [Read more...]

    Self-Conscious Smiles: Helping Tweens and Teens During Orthodontia

    Crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth can make adolescents feel insecure and embarrassed. It’s no fun to smile when your teeth aren’t attractive.  Some kids are eager for orthodontia, others are apprehensive. In the short-term, braces may highlight kids’ physical flaws, adding to their insecurity. Here's how to help: Self-Image Matters Tweens and … [Read more...]

    Choosing Afterschool Activities

    The intense demands of schoolwork may cause you to hesitate when it comes to afterschool time. Although you don’t want to overload you child’s schedule, the academic, social and physical benefits of extracurricular programs are hard to ignore. The Afterschool Alliance, an information clearinghouse and advocacy group, reports kids who participate … [Read more...]