Heather Lee Leap

Heather Lee Leap

Writer Heather Lee Leap confesses that she is guilty of occasionally yelling at her children in the mornings. But not on days following a good night's sleep.

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    Helping Kids Cope When an Ailing Grandparent Moves In 

    A growing number of families with young children are caring for an aging relative. Whether it’s temporary care following surgery, or longer-term care due to a debilitating condition, more and more families find the best option for caring for aging parents is to invite them into their home. How can families ease the transition and help young … [Read more...]

    An Alphabet of Birthday Celebrations – 26 Themes for Your Child’s Next Party

    Struggling to come up with a fresh idea for your child’s next party? Bigger isn’t always better, and a party shouldn’t cut into your family’s college savings fund. Get creative, be inspired and make one or more of the following ideas your own. Abracadabra spells magic. Invite guests with a welcome letter to Hogwarts or break out the top hats and … [Read more...]

    Chores: A Recipe for Cooperation

    If your kids don’t have regular household chores, you are not doing them any favors, and as a parent you are working too hard. In any job it is important to delegate tasks and that includes running your home. If “Do it because I said so,” is not your style, create a cooperative atmosphere at home to get the jobs done. Redefine your purpose. Diane … [Read more...]

    Taming Morning Madness

    As a busy parent, do you dread mornings? The mad rush to get everyone up, dressed, fed, and out of the house on time can aggravate the mellowest parent. If you are like many families, your mornings involve elevated blood pressure, cajoling, whining, and perhaps even yelling and tears – all make for arriving at your destination frazzled and unhappy. … [Read more...]