Heather Hierling

Heather Hierling

Heather Hierling has a passion for informing and entertaining parents on relevant topics. Her teenage son Jacob constantly inspires her writing.

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    Taking the Leap – Women-Owned Small Businesses on the Rise

    Most working women have thought about it: What would it be like to work for yourself? To be the boss and run the show? So you have a great idea for a business, but navigating the process of launching a startup feels daunting. Don’t be deterred – women as owners of small businesses are on the rise. Long gone are the days when owning a small … [Read more...]

    Teenage Heartbreak: How Parents Can Help Their Teen Get Over It

    Being a teenager is not easy. Teenagers spend time trying to fit in, and worrying about the latest trends and gossip, not to mention keeping their grades up so their parents don’t get on their backs. It’s the only time in their lives they’re still allowed to act like kids but are physically mature enough to participate in adult activities like … [Read more...]