Gayla Grace

Gayla Grace

Gayla Grace is a mom/stepmom to five children. A former piano instructor, she enjoys playing the piano at her church and other community events.

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    When Parenting Roles Reverse: The Art of Caregiving

    I watched Mom's confusion, a knot forming in my stomach, as she stared at me blankly and looked for the bathroom in her own home. I didn’t know how to answer when she asked where her four little girls were (me and my sisters of years past). Who's to blame for this horrible disease? Why did this happen? Where is the mom who raised me? I couldn't … [Read more...]

    Five Reasons to Give Your Child the Gift of Summer Camp

    I treasure the stories my children tell after arriving home from summer camp each year. Their week-long adventures include experiences that build character and relationships. Every camp has a unique way of teaching kids their value while giving them opportunities to experience all kinds of unique fun typically not found at home. Spring is the … [Read more...]

    My Mid-Life Baby: A Dream Come True

    Tears puddled my eyes as I sat in the doctor's office. Every pregnant woman coming through the door reminded me I would never have another baby. I was blessed to have two beautiful daughters but always wanted more children. Now, recently divorced, having another child seemed a distant dream. As a single parent, I didn't plan on dating for a … [Read more...]

    Surefire Ways To Connect Kids And Grandparents Via Technology

    Do you love watching your kids interact with your parents? Grandparent relationships are special, but can’t always take place in close proximity. My children have never lived in the same town as their grandparents, but we’ve always encouraged relationships between them. Through technology, children have a variety of options to stay connected to … [Read more...]

    Parenting Resolutions for the Not-So-Perfect Parent

    Considering the innumerable parenting books I’ve read and parenting workshops I’ve attended, I should be a perfect parent. I’m not. I’ve been a parent long enough, however, to realize that if I keep pressing forward, and do the best job I can with a loving and sincere heart, my kids won’t be eternally scarred by my imperfections. This year, … [Read more...]

    The Benefits of Music Lessons Outweigh the Costs

    Piano lessons were not optional for me as a child. As a trained musician, my father insisted his four daughters start piano lessons at an early age. I didn’t always enjoy it and often grumbled about the mandated practice sessions before and after school. My teacher was strict and had high expectations for his students, but I’m thankful today that … [Read more...]