Erin Bianchi

Erin Bianchi

Erin Bianchi is a registered dietitian from Northern California. She has a huge passion for local agriculture and fermented foods. Erin owns Cook, a kitchen boutique in Red Bluff, CA, that carries kitchen tools, local foods, beer and wine.

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    Localicious: Breakfast Cookies

    One of my absolute favorite baby, toddler and family cookbooks is Nourished Beginnings by Renee Kohley. She has created brilliantly simple whole food recipes that work well with busy schedules and hungry families. As we travel through this new year with resolutions and intentions set to make our lives a little better, be sure to include Renee’s … [Read more...]

    Localicious: The Tradition of Giving

    Growing up I lived three houses down from my best friend.  During the holidays we would get together with our moms and make either a craft or treats for each of our neighbors.  This is one of my favorite memories of the holiday season; there is something so special about learning what it feels like to give.  I can still remember the anticipation I … [Read more...]

    Localicious: Hillside Poms

    One of my fondest memories of childhood is spending hours with my cousins picking pomegranates from our grandmother’s tree and tirelessly working the sweet seeds free with stains and smiles to show for it. Smiles shining through pomegranate-stained faces is the highlight of owning a U-pick pomegranate orchard, says Suzanne Wunsch of Hillside Poms. … [Read more...]

    Real Fruit Popsicles

    The recipe for these delicious and dietitian-approved frozen treats was adapted from the blog “All Things Green” by Maria Baath.  I took her advice to make them a little sweeter than I normally might because they won’t taste quite as sweet once they are frozen. These popsicles had a beautifully ripe pineapple that barely needed any additional … [Read more...]

    Localicious: Salsa, Family Style!

    Salsa is a summer staple in our house, and we don’t just use it as a dip for chips. We add salsa to tacos, salads, baked potatoes, burgers, fajitas, eggs, and so much more. Salsa is super easy to make and there are not too many specifics - as long as there are tomatoes, onions, and chilies in your sauce it’s considered salsa. Salsa variations … [Read more...]

    Localicious: Easy Campsite Cooking

    Camping season is underway! If you’re anything like me, making meals from an ice chest and camp stove can be a bit daunting. Below are some simple go-to recipes that are easy to prep ahead and fun to eat outdoors. Oatmeal Energy Bites These no-bake healthy snacks are easy to bring with you and can keep hungry campers satisfied between meals. … [Read more...]

    Kitchen Gadgets That Help Make Cooking Fun

    Instead of our typical Localicious column, this month we present fun kitchen gadgets to help the whole family be inspired in the kitchen! We found a little inspiration ourselves in visiting some local kitchen stores and trying out the products below. To check out any of these items in person, keep your dollars local and visit the area’s kitchen … [Read more...]

    Localicious: For the Love of Pizza

    Happy February! February is one of my favorite foodie months for reasons like National Pancake Week, Pistachio Day, Celebration of Chocolate Month, and so much more. Heart Health Month and the Great American Pizza Bake both happen to land in February and I couldn’t be happier about combining them for this month’s Localicious feature. My mind … [Read more...]