Deborah Peel

Deborah Peel

Deborah Peel is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at First 5 Shasta, supporting the vision that all children are safe, healthy and live in nurturing environments where they play, learn and grow to reach their potential. She has a teenage daughter and two grown sons.


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    Baby Bliss: Investing in Early Childhood

    Baby bliss. It’s that emotion of immeasurable joy many parents experience with the arrival of a child, despite stinky diapers and sleepless nights. It’s the limitless possibilities we envision for our newborn that motivate us to dig deeper, work smarter, and invest wisely in our child. Each time you breathe in that scent of fresh baby skin, each … [Read more...]

    Building Assets: Emily’s Giving Jar

    Every year around November, Emily’s family begins a conversation about the spirit of giving. They talk about doing something for someone else without expecting anything in return. By New Year’s Day, four-year-old Emily knew what she would do as her act of giving in the new year. She would save all her money to buy Thanksgiving turkeys for those in … [Read more...]

    The First Back-To-School Journey

    It’s August and back-to-school reminders are everywhere. Parents of preschoolers, this means your first back-to-school journey is about to begin. In the year before kindergarten, there are important steps you can take toward enrolling your child in school. So why wait? Start early! The answers to the following questions will help you choose a … [Read more...]

    Nurturing Warrior, Nurturing Father

    Rick Crowley, a Chukchansi Yokuts California American Indian, believes every child deserves to have a warrior in his or her life. “Warrior” describes a person of great courage and vigor, someone who feels strongly, even intensely, the way a father feels for his son or daughter. A father who shares emotion and affection with his child, who learns to … [Read more...]