David Nigel Lloyd

David Nigel Lloyd

Folk musician David Nigel Lloyd has performed from California to Britain. For six years he directed education programs for the Arts Council of Kern. He writes about the arts for several publications.

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    The Magic of Healing – Magician Bill Jackson Knows It’s Not a Trick

    In 1986 Bill Jackson became one of California’s first Project Magic magicians. Founded and designed by famed illusionist David Copperfield, Project Magic is innovative and simple. Patients with various disabilities are taught magic tricks to increase self-esteem, aid healing, and improve dexterity, coordination and visual perception. “The real … [Read more...]

    Can’t We All Play in Tune? Violin Teacher Arlene Gattuso: Changing The World One Note At A Time

    Nearly all children love music. “But to learn to handle a musical instrument with the proper skill,” says Arlene Gattuso of Redding’s Gattuso Violin Studio, “to be capable of making good music, is quite another thing.” Gattuso, who came to Redding in 1990, has been teaching violin for over 30 years. Many of her students have gone on to … [Read more...]