Darla Greb Mazariegos

Darla Greb Mazariegos

Writer Darla Greb Mazariegos is a mother of three and part of the North State Parent staff.

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    Be The Change – Jim Bettencourt

    When you first meet Jim Bettencourt, he immediately puts you at ease with a friendly comment and a little laughter. However, underneath that easygoing exterior is someone who has gone through deep pain and heartbreak due to the near-fatal drug overdose of his 15-year-old son, events that changed the course of Jim’s life. He wrote about his son’s … [Read more...]

    North State Bakeries Offer Special Treats To Make Your Holidays Happy

    As Charles Schultz once said “Happiness is a warm puppy” or “Happiness is a thumb and a blanket.” But for many, happiness is a warm, flaky just-out-of-the-oven croissant or a delicately decorated cupcake. These bakery goodies and many other savory items are available at the family-owned North State bakeries featured below, three local businesses … [Read more...]

    Homemade For The Holidays – Introducing Two Special North State Businesses

    It’s that crazy time of year when many of us find ourselves rushing from store to store shopping for the “perfect” holiday gift, and yet we just can’t seem to find the right thing. We look for something unique, for something locally produced so we can feel good about keeping our money in our community. In the North State, you might find that … [Read more...]

    Living Abroad with Young Children: One Family’s Pilgrimage to Spain

    I thought I was an experienced world traveler having spent time living and working in Europe. But when my Spanish teacher husband first broached the idea of taking a six-month sabbatical in Spain with our three young children, I had a moment of panic. Knowing how difficult it was just to keep my head above water with 5-year-old twins and a … [Read more...]