Darla Greb Mazariegos

Darla Greb Mazariegos

Writer Darla Greb Mazariegos is a mother of three and part of the North State Parent staff.

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    Covered California: What You Need To Know About The New Healthcare Marketplace

    According to the California Healthcare Foundation’s 2012 annual report entitled “California’s Uninsured: Treading Water,” in 2011 nearly 7.1 million people under the age of 65 were not covered by health insurance. The report also states that the percentage of Californians who were receiving employer-based coverage was only 52%. Now that the Patient … [Read more...]

    Local Tutoring and Learning Resources

    The school year is well underway and your child may be experiencing new challenges such as writing an English paper, understanding math concepts or improving study skills; or may need assessment of a learning problem. Where can students in the North State region find specialized tutorial assistance and have their learning problems assessed? Here … [Read more...]

    The Sacramento River Discovery Center – Learning About the River and Its Watershed

    The Sacramento River is an important ecological and water resource, and a vital water transportation route, a role it has had since the original native inhabitants lived along its banks. The largest river in California, it is one of the state’s major sources of water for both public and agricultural uses. The Sacramento River Discovery Center … [Read more...]

    Two Schools In The North State Provide Students Unique Educational Opportunities

    These days, parents have multiple options for choosing the best educational path for their children. In the past, choices for educating children were primarily public or religious schools. Alternatives now include publicly funded charter schools and private non-sectarian schools, and home-schooling is more popular than ever. When choosing the best … [Read more...]

    Briana Beaver Needs Help to Reach Her Dream of Living a Healthy Life

    Twenty-five year old Briana Beaver of Chico has had big dreams. One of her dreams was to earn a university degree in sociology, which she did in 2011, graduating summa cum laude from California State University, Chico. Another dream of hers has been to remain healthy. Realizing this dream, however, has been a difficult one due to her medical … [Read more...]

    Chico Montessori Children’s House Celebrates Its 40th Year of Educating the Young Child

    Located near Parkview Elementary School and within walking distance of Bidwell Park, Chico Montessori Children’s House has been an important educational choice for parents wanting an exceptional pre-school experience for their young children. Having educated approximately 3,000 children since 1973, the school is celebrating its 40th anniversary … [Read more...]

    The Importance of Clay & Creativity

    Art plays a significant role in our children’s development. When our children are young, we are excited when they bring home a watercolor painting or a hand-drawn card for Valentine’s Day. As children enter their teenage years, we need to encourage them to continue to cultivate this creativity even as other activities start to take priority, such … [Read more...]

    Creating & Preserving Memories – Women in the North State Learn the Art of Card Making and Scrapbooking while Having Fun!

    For a lot of women, especially moms, it’s important to find some free time in daily life for socializing. Finding a hobby where they can develop creativity and socialize at the same time is ideal. For women in the North State, classes are available for both scrapbooking and card making, two popular hobbies where women can tap their creative spirit … [Read more...]

    Enjoy Winter Sports in Mount Shasta’s Winter Wonderland!

    The winter months are upon us and what better way to spend our free time than to get outside and exercise while enjoying winter recreational activities. The Mount Shasta area in southern Siskiyou County provides an ideal setting for families wanting a place to enjoy a variety of winter sports, whether ice skating to some favorite tunes at the ice … [Read more...]

    The Nutcracker: A Timeless Tradition For Families To Enjoy

    The holidays are upon us and as the pressure starts to mount to buy gifts, send cards, and entertain family and friends, perhaps we need a place to go where we can relax while experiencing the joys of the season. During the month of December, we are fortunate to have three dance companies in the upper Northern California region that are providing … [Read more...]