Daran Goodsell

Daran Goodsell

Daran Goodsell is marketing director of Chico Performances at CSU, Chico. Chico Performances is presenting 13 family-friendly events during their 2013-2014 season. For information visit www.chicoperformances.com and click on “For the Kids.”

Homepage: http://www.chicoperformances.com

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    Live Performances: Opportunities For Family Bonding

    My daughter moved into a dorm this last August. She was my youngest, my baby. I’m not quite sure where the years went, but they sure flew by. When I think about her growing up, it isn’t the daily reminders to do her homework or to pick up her dirty laundry that I recall. Nor is it the times we spent together sitting side by side watching TV, or … [Read more...]