Colleen Wright

Colleen Wright

Colleen Wright is the work-at-home mom of a spirited preschooler whose favorite request is, “Tell me a story?”

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    Hook A Bookworm This Summer

    Summer vacation is a great time to show your children that reading can be a fun, special treat. Encourage their love of books by offering the following tantalizing activities and options. Set the Hook:  Create a Book Nook Just as book stores create enticing displays to draw you in, make a special “book nook” in your home and fill it with … [Read more...]

    Word Play

    Children have wonderful imaginations and love to make up stories. The key to making writing fun for beginning writers is to turn the process into a simple game. Here are a few activities that’ll have them excited to create their very own poems and stories. Dr. Seuss’s Rhyme Time Give them a word that’s easy to rhyme, like “cat” or “mouse.” Ask … [Read more...]