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Claudia Mosby

Writer Claudia Mosby lives in Redding with her husband and mischievous cat Hobo.

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    The Montessori Method: An Approach To Educating The Whole Child

    What do Anne Frank, Julia Child, Prince William of England, Jeff Bezos (founder of, and rapper Sean “P. Diddy” Combs have in common? Although vastly different in their life circumstances and contributions to society, they all attended a Montessori school. The Montessori Method of education they received was developed by Italian … [Read more...]

    Planning for College in Middle School – It’s Not Too Early

    If you plan on sending your child to college you may wonder:  how early should I begin planning?  Besides saving for tuition and other expenses, what additional steps should I take to ensure my child is poised to enter a college of his or her choice?  What steps should my son or daughter take to prepare and how soon should he or she … [Read more...]

    The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics – Empowering Consumers to Make Healthy Choices

    Last March celebrity tabloids were abuzz when toddler Vivienne Jolie-Pitt was spotted wearing lipstick in public. Observers were decidedly focused on the appropriateness of the 3-year-old’s “dress up” demeanor. Noticeably absent were comments about the health risks of exposing a child so young to potential lead contaminants contained in the … [Read more...]

    Learning Is Not Just About The ABC’s

    Parents of school-aged children in California know all too well that the budget crisis has pushed schools to increasingly difficult choices about educational priorities. Each of these four North State elementary schools has taken a different approach to addressing student achievement, preservation of instructional programs and class-size … [Read more...]

    In Love With Texture & Tiles

    Artist Colleen Barry’s house looks like no other on the block. Light blue with globe-sized mosaic finials resting atop a matching cobalt blue wrought iron gate, its design is whimsical, subtly beckoning to the curious, “Come, take a look inside!” Barry's art has been exhibited at galleries and museums nationwide, including the Smithsonian, and … [Read more...]

    Mindful Eating: Helping Your Child Make Healthy Food Choices

    Good eating habits begin at home. Choosing mindfully what you feed your family, making healthier choices when eating out, and partnering with your child’s school are several important ways you can guide your child to nutritional food choices. Make Healthy Choices at Home Balancing the ratio of meals made from prepackaged foods with those made … [Read more...]

    Bullying – An Age-Old Problem But One With Solutions

    Confrontations. Unkind Words. Exclusion. Aggression. Harassment. Intimidation. Are these the acts of a bully? It depends, experts say. Conflicts involving one or more of these behaviors are a normal part of growing up and learning social skills. However, educational psychologists and Co-Directors of the Bullying Research Network, Drs. Shelley … [Read more...]