Christina Katz

Christina Katz

Author Christina Katz believes in the power of the arts to improve and enrich the lives of children and families, and appreciates the moments she’s witnessed transformative results first-hand.

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    A Festive Mess: Creative Birthday Activities For an Unforgettable Party

    My husband and I have thrown quite a few awesome birthday parties over the years. However, when reflecting back over all the parties we've hosted, it's clear to me that the most memorable parties were not the most elaborate – or even the most expensive. They were simply the messiest. Messy and birthday parties go together better than you might … [Read more...]

    How Parents Can Make Use of Natural Medicine

    When I was growing up, no one emphasized natural medicine as a viable health care choice. Instead I was brought up, as I imagine you were, to rely entirely on traditional medicine without realizing I had other options. In the Western medicine model, the doctor is usually the center of the family healthcare system and family members orbit around the … [Read more...]

    To the Moon and Back: 10 Love Lessons for the Whole Family

    Which acts of love make you feel seen, appreciated, and cherished? What about your spouse and kids? We can all learn to communicate what we like and need to our family members, so everyone can get their needs met and no one has to end up feeling misunderstood or neglected. If love is a language, then teach your family members to become … [Read more...]

    Simple Plan for a Tween-Teen Bedroom Makeover & Seven Inexpensive Accessories

    When is the last time you let your child run with her inspiration in updating her room? With so many sources of creative ideas online, it’s easy to find inexpensive embellishments that can transform any bedroom from blah to beautiful through the eyes of your teenage beholder. Follow these steps for lasting results: Phase One: Prepare The … [Read more...]

    The Magic of Singing – 50 Reasons to Encourage Your Kids to Raise Their Voices

    It happened a couple of years ago. My then 10-year-old daughter was moping around the house, grousing about some aspect of our lives that was not as ideal as she perceived her friends’ lives. And that’s when the light bulb went off. “Hey, why don’t you go upstairs and practice your choir songs,” I said in as non-punitive a tone as I could … [Read more...]

    Give Dance A Chance: 21 Reasons To Try Consistent Classes

    Don’t be fooled by glittery costumes and false eyelashes – competitive dancers are athletes who deserve to be taken just as seriously as participants in any other sport. Dance at any level offers multiple benefits and can teach practical skills that carry over into everyday life. According to the National Registry of Dance Educators, dance … [Read more...]

    New-Puppy Success – Suggestions for Navigating the First Days

    Nothing makes a house feel like a home and bonds a family together better than a scampering young bundle of fur, grrrs and face-licks. But let’s keep things real, folks. That sweet, helpless “man’s best friend” is also an animal with instincts that need to be channeled, pronto, before your little cutie-pie morphs – seemingly overnight – into a … [Read more...]