Christa Melnyk

Christa Melnyk

Author Christa Melnyk Hines is a shameless“mama bear” when it comes to the safety of her sons, ages 4 and 6.

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    Seven Tips For Overcoming Fear Of The Dark

    “Mommy, keep the hall light on,” my six-year-old reminds me as I tuck his beloved blanket securely around his slender frame and lean over to kiss him good night. I've plugged in a night light in his room and another in the adjoining bathroom. The orange glow of the street lamp outside bounces off the wall over his bed. He already seems bathed in … [Read more...]

    Stranger Danger? Smart Strategies to Help Keep Your Child Safe

    With parade sounds of blaring horns and beating drums marching off into the distance, Angie Worth, along with her newborn daughter Ella, her 2-year-old son Todd, and her elderly grandmother, began to head back to the car. The exciting morning turned into panicked chaos when Worth lost sight of her energetic toddler. “Todd took off running into … [Read more...]