Christa Melnyk Hines

Christa Melnyk Hines

Christa Melnyk Hines and her husband are the parents of two boys. Christa is the author of Happy, Healthy & Hyperconnected: Raise a Thoughtful Communicator in a Digital World.

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    How to Host a Holiday Cookie Exchange

    Cookie exchanges are inherently rewarding. Not only do you have a chance to share one of your family favorites, a cookie swap is a festive way to feed your guests with sweet cheer. Nothing beats the lovely afterglow of time spent with friends and a plate brimming with homemade goodies to gift to each other's families.   At first glance, a cookie … [Read more...]

    Be Well Postpartum and Beyond

    Throughout your pregnancy, you eat the right foods, drink plenty of fluids, rest and try to keep stress to a minimum. Once your baby arrives you may feel like you can relax this self-care regimen, but caring for yourself should remain a top priority to ensure the health of both of you. Drink plenty of water since most obstetricians will tell you … [Read more...]

    Money Wisdom: Growing Savvy Spenders

    We have all heard the old adage, “money doesn’t grow on trees.” While most adults can attest to the truth in that saying, we can also take a lesson from nature when it comes to cultivating good money habits in our children. Planting the seed of financial savvy at a young age and nurturing it to maturity over time can yield budget-smart children who … [Read more...]

    After-School Fun – Keeping Kids Involved And Motivated

    After-school activities are an essential and fun way to round out your child's overall educational experience. "Students in these activities learn important social skills, are given the opportunity to meet a wider variety of peers, and gain confidence and self-esteem," says Matt Johnson, a director of student services and athletics. Furthermore, … [Read more...]

    Bringing Home Baby – How a Postpartum Doula Can Help

    Corey Engmann never considered hiring a postpartum doula until she learned she was expecting twins. Feeling overwhelmed and worried about how she would handle twin babies – along with the pressing needs of her 2-year-old, she turned to Teresa Marshall, a certified birth and postpartum doula, to help her after her twins arrived. Marshall spent … [Read more...]

    When Toddlers Say No!

    The moment your child utters her first word, you'll probably want to announce it to the world, while quickly marking the occasion in her baby book. You probably won't be so thrilled, however, when her word of choice evolves into the very opinionated word "no." Although this is a frustrating and challenging stage of development, it is completely … [Read more...]

    From Fairytales to Waterfalls: Unearth Mother Nature’s Playground

    Transform an ordinary backyard into a captivating, natural wonderland and you'll harness the curiosity and imagination of your children in a whole new way. With a little ingenuity, create a multi-sensory landscape that provides your children with an enriching, year-round fresh-air retreat. Jocelyn Chilvers, a 30-year veteran in landscape design, … [Read more...]

    Are You Playing With Fire? Plan Ahead To Protect Your Family Should Disaster Strike

    When it comes to home disasters, children are most likely to experience a fire. Preparedness and planning saves lives, but nearly three-quarters of Americans have never developed or practiced a home fire escape plan. I know what you are thinking: “The chances of my house catching on fire are remote.” That’s what I thought, too, until my husband … [Read more...]

    Taming Butterflies – Proactive Steps Now Will Help Kids Calm Public Speaking Jitters Later

    “Speak up! I can’t hear you!” repeatedly boomed my seventh-grade life science teacher from the back of the room. The words I’d practiced at home clung to the back of my throat and only agreed to tumble out in mutters. Standing frozen in front of my staring peers, I wanted to dissolve into the floor. Seventy-five percent of people suffer from … [Read more...]