Carolyn Warnemuende

Carolyn Warnemuende

Author Carolyn Warnemuende has two daughters and five grandchildren, and lives with her husband in Redding. She writes parenting and educational articles, sponsors a school in Uganda, and visits Africa twice a year. She receives great joy in taking daily care of her four-year-old granddaughter who was adopted from Ethiopia.

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    Be the Change: Patty Leal – Serving with Love & Respect

    Patty Leal, public health nurse for Siskiyou County Public Health, likes to add her own final words to the quotation above: “because you were there for them.” As an advocate and educator for families with new babies and for breastfeeding mothers, Patty is known and recognized for “being there” for her clients. Kathryn O’Malley, who serves as … [Read more...]

    Understanding Your Child’s Temperament

    Parents recognize soon after their baby is born that she possesses certain characteristics or traits. Within weeks, they may begin describing her as being easy, difficult, fussy or engaging. Although others may judge parents for these early descriptions, they are probably quite accurate. The baby is responding to her environment with hard-wired … [Read more...]

    Be the Change: Becky Huskey – Giving The Gift Of Music

    Becky Huskey, music teacher for Tehama County's  Antelope School District, offers the joy of music to her students and loves it. “I am honored and lucky to be a music teacher. Music education is so important,” she says. And the students feel just as lucky. “I love learning the songs,” says Haley.   “Yeah, it’s a lot of fun,” echoes Payton. Both … [Read more...]

    Localicious: The Cutting Edge

    If you could choose only one piece of cookware for your kitchen, what would it be? An 8-inch chef’s knife would be your best investment, say local cutlery experts Kathleen Pedulla, Robert Fanno and Bob Kemp, who insist the tool is indispensable for mincing, slicing, chopping, disjointing large cuts of meat and even paring. The blade of the … [Read more...]

    Be the Change: Peggy Rebol – Thinking Alternatively

    Peggy Rebol thinks big and makes her ideas reality. Several years ago, she began looking into alternatives to traditional holiday gift-giving. “I wanted to offer people an opportunity to shop by donating in the name of good,” she says. Peggy is the ministry coordinator at First United Methodist Church (FUMC) in Redding. In 2006, she initiated … [Read more...]

    Be The Change: Patti Furnari – A Stellar Educationalist

    Patti Furnari, director of Stellar Charter School in Redding, leads by modeling respectful behaviors that nurture positive relationships with parents, staff and students. “Patti is the ultimate team player who leads by example and encourages everyone on our staff to work together and support each other, both professionally and personally,” says … [Read more...]

    Be The Change: Tom Gunter – Volunteer Extraordinaire

    Ask any classroom teacher about the value of a good volunteer, and they will say that it is a gift beyond measure. Bob Causey, fourth grade teacher at Sisson School in Mt. Shasta, says, “Five years ago when Tom Gunter volunteered to help out in my fourth grade classroom because his grandson Shaun was in the class, I could not have imagined how much … [Read more...]

    Be the Change: Bev Blair – A Life of Commitment

    Bev Blair, preschool teacher at Secret Garden Preschool in Redding, CA, has created a stable life of commitments in marriage, work and friendships. Bev began teaching at Secret Garden, the oldest privately owned preschool in Redding, in 1986. Her own children were grown and gone, and she was contemplating what she might like to do with her life. … [Read more...]

    Be The Change: Bob Maness: Passing the Torch

    Bob Maness, owner and director of California Regional Theater (CRT) in Chico, knows that kids are our future. “Bob is very innovative and involved in passing the torch to the next generation. He believes in our kids,” says Christopher Burkhardt, set designer for CRT and theater manager for Associated Students at Bell Memorial Union, CSU Chi … [Read more...]

    The Art of Apology

    Everyone makes mistakes that can hurt someone else’s feelings. And at some time in their lives, nearly everyone has purposefully hurt another’s feelings. Most people have also done something (on purpose or not) that has ruined a material object belonging to another. When a person learns to truthfully apologize for their mistakes or misactions, they … [Read more...]