Beverly Burmeier

Beverly Burmeier

Beverly Burmeier thinks playing games with her grandchildren is way more fun than watching them bury their noses in electronics. Plus it reminds her of time spent playing games with their parents when they were growing up.

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    Rent A Floating Hotel

    When you feel the need for a stress-free place to hang out, try vacationing on a houseboat – a floating hotel where waterfront views are guaranteed. Living on the lake for an extended vacation or just a few days is perfect for families with children. Kids and their parents, love to splash into refreshing water from the on-deck slide, dive off the … [Read more...]

    Got Game? Technology Is A Lifestyle For Today’s Kids, But Don’t Forget About Old-Fashioned Play

    Gabrielle, age 4, zaps her way through the alphabet whenever she finds the chair in front of the family computer empty. She loves the colorful graphics, fast pace, and excitement of computer games, and they make an ideal virtual babysitter when her mom, a school teacher, is busy. But here’s the catch: These activities are solitary. Experts say … [Read more...]