Ashley Talmadge

Ashley Talmadge

​Ashley Talmadge has always shared her home with a variety of companion animals. Currently her family includes two opinionated cats and two aquatic frogs. Her two young sons like to think of themselves as "cat mind readers."

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    Arts Education – It’s for All of Us

    The mention of “art in school” conjures a sensory kaleidoscope of paste, tempura, clay and happy children in colorfully-splotched smocks. True, kids love to paint, mold and goop up almost anything with glitter glue, but an arts education is much more than that. Experts say that regular engagement with the arts helps students develop an array of … [Read more...]

    Be the Change: Wayne Randolph Makes Classroom Connections that Count

    Wayne Randolph’s classroom thrums with anticipatory excitement. Teams of students are positioned around a makeshift arena, their Lego robots poised for battle. And though the atmosphere is convivial, there’s no doubt these teams are ready for some friendly competition. Under Randolph’s gentle guidance, students have spent weeks learning the … [Read more...]

    Localicious: It’s Hot Outside! Cool Down with an Exquisite Icy Treat

    When summer temps soar, nothing cools like a frosty treat. Homemade fresh fruit popsicles are divine, and there are plenty of dine-out options too—some familiar, others more exotic. Sundaes steeped in gooey fudge, delectable Italian gelato, tropical ice bars…it’s all here. Even better, these delights can be found in parlors that produce them … [Read more...]

    Dating After Kids: Couples Connect with Fun

    Once you’ve become a parent, planning a date can often feel like more work than it's worth. It can seem like those eagerly anticipated dates of early courtship become fewer and farther between as your relationship matures. However, the more often you orchestrate one-on-one time, the easier it gets. It just might be the key to keeping a relationship … [Read more...]

    The Mouth-Watering Magic of Strawberries

    Is there anything more delightful than a child’s wide smile…etched in the juice of fresh-from-the-field strawberries? Ripening on the vine by late spring, strawberries are often the first fruit to appear in Northern California and they seem to hold a special allure. Is it the luscious sweetness of these little fruits that makes them so appealing? … [Read more...]

    Localicous: Glorious Greens Year Round!

    In recent years, the value of adding nutrient-rich greens to our diet has caught the attention of consumers, resulting in an explosion of available options. Not so long ago, the typical “garden salad” consisted mostly of chopped iceberg lettuce. Now that same menu item is a veritable medley of mixed greens, from arugula to escarole, mizuna to … [Read more...]

    Be the Change – Building A Healthy, Connected Community

    When Steve Naiman founded the Growing Healthy Children Walk & Run (GHC), he had a mission: Bring the community together for a day of fun by promoting an active lifestyle and good nutrition. The event is now in its 11th year and organizers expect up to a thousand participants at the 2017 event on Saturday, April 15, in Chico at Bidwell Park. … [Read more...]

    Screen Wise: Using Technology in Developmentally Appropriate Ways

    Our digital companions go everywhere with us. The attractive, colorful screens on our smartphones, laptops and tablets allow us to keep in touch, access information, fight boredom, navigate our way, express ourselves, and share the minute details of our lives. Technology has changed the way we work, learn and communicate. This is very obvious to … [Read more...]

    Localicious: Delectable Dairy Alternatives

    These days, more and more people are searching for alternatives to dairy products. As dairy-free options become more popular, they are also getting easier to find. Whether prompted by a dairy allergy, lactose intolerance, vegan lifestyle, or other health concerns, the good news is that new options are cropping up everywhere. Got Milk? In … [Read more...]

    Localicious: The Gift of Pie

    When you arrive on someone’s doorstep with a pie in hand, you know you’re going to get a smile. The smell of pie magically draws us back to our childhood, when a sweet flaky slice felt as comforting as a hug. A pie can be as remarkable as it is ordinary. It is rumored that Mark Twain fought bouts of depression with heavy doses of huckleberry pie. … [Read more...]