Alyxandra Stackfleth

Alyxandra Stackfleth

Writer Alyxandra Stackfleth lives in Siskiyou County and enjoys traditional jazz, Russian literature, and foreign languages.

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    Redding’s Multicultural Celebration

    Would you like to experience a diversity of cultures from around the world, in a setting close to home? This year’s annual Multicultural Celebration in Redding is an opportunity to enrich our understanding of international traditions, demonstrating the various meanings and purposes of movement and music throughout the world. Now in its 19th … [Read more...]

    A Life of Dance – Debi Larsen And The Redding Dance Centre

    The North State is home to a variety of businesses and organizations that promote the arts and is privileged that these include the remarkable talents of artists such as Deborah (Debi) Larsen, owner and director of Redding Dance Centre. Debi’s career includes performance, choreography, teaching, directing and production. She received her dance … [Read more...]

    Families in Business: Feather Down Farm Days – Oroville’s Chaffin Family Orchards

    Looking for an unconventional, wholesome alternative to the artificial world of amusement parks, technology and smoggy crowded cities? Bring your family to Feather Down Orchard's newest farm stay at Chaffin Family Orchards in Oroville. A family farm stay at Chaffin Family Orchards is an authentic opportunity to disconnect from the rat race of … [Read more...]

    A Tribute to Fathers

    Every Father's Day eve I'm confronted with that formidable question: what do I get my dear, seemingly unsentimental, utterly unmaterialistic and stoic father as a gift? A tie. But when was the last time he needed to dress up? Socks to replace his 25 torn and ragged pairs? Or how about a new vacuum cleaner? Those are too pricey. Something … [Read more...]