Alyssa Chirco

Alyssa Chirco

Alyssa Chirco is a freelance journalist and mother of two. Although she can rarely get her whole family together at the dinner table, she serves family breakfast (even if it's just cold cereal) every morning. 

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    How Getting A Dog Is Exactly (And Not At All) Like Having Another Baby

    Before my husband and I got married, he swore that he would never agree to a family pet. So nobody was more surprised than me when our daughter started asking for a pet hamster last year and he casually suggested that “maybe we should get a dog instead.” Ironically, I turned out to be the parent who was less than enthusiastic about bringing an … [Read more...]

    The Mother’s Day Gift

    A few years ago for Mother’s Day, my 8-year-old daughter gave me a handmade clay bowl. It was a school art project, as Mother’s Day gifts often are … the kind students make each spring after receiving careful instructions from their teachers in order to create gifts worthy of the mothers who care for them each day. Unfortunately, I wasn't exactly … [Read more...]

    Just Keep Swimming: The Surprising Benefits of Winter Swim Lessons

    The American Red Cross estimates that over 90% of families spend at least some time in the water during the summer months, so it makes sense that summer is the prime season for children’s swim lessons. But don’t be so quick to pull your kids out of the water just because the temperature outside has fallen. “I’m a big proponent of year-round … [Read more...]

    When Family Dinner Doesn’t Work: 10 More Ways to Connect With Your Children

    As parents, we have been hearing for years about the many benefits of family dinner. Research shows that children who routinely enjoy meals with their parents have lower rates of substance abuse and depression, a stronger sense of belonging, and even a better vocabulary. Unfortunately, non-traditional work schedules, extra-curricular activities and … [Read more...]