Scoliosis – Screening And Treatment Options

The words “scoliosis” and “S curve” were unknown to my family until the summer I was 12, and I fell into a pool. A trip to the pediatrician’s for a pulled muscle was followed by a referral to the orthopedist's office where we soon learned more. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that makes the spine look more like an “S” or a “C” than a … [Read more...]

Growing Up Online – Getting Off To A Good Start On Facebook

Now that a quarter of the people online are also on Facebook, it’s no surprise children want to be there too. Getting a first Facebook page has become a rite of passage just like picking out a first backpack or having a first sleepover. The official age for using Facebook is 13 but younger kids often pester their parents for their own pages. How … [Read more...]

Nurturing Warrior, Nurturing Father

Rick Crowley, a Chukchansi Yokuts California American Indian, believes every child deserves to have a warrior in his or her life. “Warrior” describes a person of great courage and vigor, someone who feels strongly, even intensely, the way a father feels for his son or daughter. A father who shares emotion and affection with his child, who learns to … [Read more...]

Teen Drivers Don’t Have to Drive You Crazy

Getting a driver’s license is a major milestone most teens look forward to, but many parents approach this day with trepidation. As the mother of a teenage driver, I have spent many hours in the passenger seat tapping my “pretend brake” and squeezing the armrest. Lucky for us, we found great driving instructors. When it came time for my daughter … [Read more...]

May 2011

On the Cover: Whitewater Guide Leslie LeBaron encourages her raft of Kidder Creek campers as they navigate a rapid on the Klamath River. Kidder Creek Camp, in the shadow of majestic Mt. Shasta, offers many adventurous expeditions in addition to whitewater rafting, including rock climbing, mountain biking and backpacking. Photography: John … [Read more...]