August 2011

[related-posts] On the Cover: Reed is a fourth grader at Sierra View. He enjoys playing basketball and baseball. He also plays football for the Jaguars. Reed is enjoying his summer boating and spending time with friends and family. Photography: Lisa Tosi Photography: Your Life - Your Style - Your Story. Specializing in a modern approach to … [Read more...]

Cooperative Co-parenting: A New Relationship for Separating Parents

Parental separation is hard on families, tough on parents and tough on kids. Separation suddenly forces each parent to complete tasks associated with reorganizing a life: making new living arrangements, handling financial pressures, dividing the household and dealing with a myriad of legal issues. Each task could be considered a major life stressor … [Read more...]

The Art of Appreciation, Part 2

Take a moment to ponder when you feel most loved by your partner. In those moments there is likely a sense of being seen, an expanded quality in the heart and a relaxation in the body. This quality of receptivity occurs when two people meet in the field of appreciation. When this happens, both parties experience a deep sense of satisfaction. Love … [Read more...]

Montessori in the North State

A revolutionary idea was brought to the United States in 1915 by Dr. Maria Montessori, who said that a classroom can be set up to recognize each child’s developmental rhythm. Today, private, public and charter Montessori schools offer an alternative to the one-size-fits-all traditional classroom, where children take the lead and use the world … [Read more...]

The First Back-To-School Journey

It’s August and back-to-school reminders are everywhere. Parents of preschoolers, this means your first back-to-school journey is about to begin. In the year before kindergarten, there are important steps you can take toward enrolling your child in school. So why wait? Start early! The answers to the following questions will help you choose a … [Read more...]

Life Is Laundry. Live With It.

Some of my friends are sending their kids off to college this fall and discovering, with some shame, that their offspring – who can build web sites, play string instruments and locate Latvia on a world map – are deficient in other life skills. Basic skills. Crucial skills. "We just got back from dropping Devon off for his first night in the … [Read more...]

A Tiny School With A Big Voice

Located 47 miles north of Redding, Castle Rock Elementary is a small rural school nestled in the mountain community of Castella. Established in 1887, its tranquil setting and family-like atmosphere conjures up a vision of an isolated one-room school house. But for the approximately 80 kindergarten through eighth grade students at Castle Rock, … [Read more...]

Pack Pain: Backpack Safety for Back to School

Kids everywhere will head back to class this fall with their own unique sense of fashion on display. Whether students sport a message tee, cargo shorts or a school uniform, one accessory they’re sure to have is a backpack – soon to be overflowing with everything they consider essential (like snacks and headphones). For over 90 percent of the … [Read more...]

Dedicated Teachers Keep Art Alive in Corning

It’s no secret that statewide budget cuts have dramatically affected arts programs at many public schools. But thanks to a supportive administration, help from the community, and the passion of two teachers in particular, the arts continue to thrive at Corning Union High School (CUHS). Karen Atkinson teaches ceramics and drawing at CUHS, and … [Read more...]

July 2011

On the Cover: Deven and Josselyn Carter enjoy spontaneous bike rides along many North State bike trails with their three children Ruby, age 4, Lucy, age 2, and little Miles, 8 months. Photography: Firefly Mobile Studios creates fresh and vibrant images that allow you and your loved ones to to shine. See their beautiful work online at … [Read more...]