In The Company of Horses – Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Focuses On Solutions

For thousands of years, people have enjoyed a special bond with horses. We admire them for their beauty, strength and intelligence. They are valuable to us both as work animals and companion animals. But now, a therapeutic approach called Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is adding yet another dimension to the age-old interaction between mankind … [Read more...]

Scrapbooking 101 – Start Preserving Memories With The Basics

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve your most cherished photographs and memories. It allows you to share the precious events of your lifetime with those you love. Immortalize your child’s first steps, first day of school and high school graduation, or even laugh at a funny face made for a split second but captured for a lifetime – all with … [Read more...]

A Dog In The Family – A Guide To Knowing If The Time Is Right

Dogs! They offer the qualities of affection, loyalty and a sense of adventure, and can be a great addition to your family…but when? Your kids may think the right time is now, but how do you really know if your family is ready for the responsibility of a new canine member? Before deciding to bring a new dog into the family, here are some things … [Read more...]

Curious Critters – Leaping, Flying, And Coming Your Way!

Reading a book with your child not only fosters literacy, but it also creates family memories that are treasured well into adulthood. We at North State Parent magazine are pleased to announce the arrival of a new book for you to share with your child. [SlidingTabs id='2162'] In his children’s picture book Curious Critters, to be released this … [Read more...]

Parenting Karma

A wise woman once told me, “Your children will make liars of you.” I remember holding my tiny firstborn closer and thinking, not me. But of course, truer words were never spoken. Since then, I’ve become a believer in what I like to call Parenting Karma. I’ve discovered that it’s a really bad idea to make statements about what you will or will not … [Read more...]

Seems Like Old Times: Learning to Reconnect With Your Mate

There is nothing like the flush of young love. We feel alive, full of innocence and hope, completely open to another’s needs and desires. Our emotions and chemistry are skewed in favor of believing: This is someone I will treasure forever. This is true whether the person is your lover or your child. For most couples, they first have this … [Read more...]

Farm Sanctuary Tours in Orland Saturdays in October

Visit the animals at the Sanctuary and browse through the education center. Hourly tours 11am-3pm thru Oct; special group tours by appt. See the 3rd. … [Read more...]

Costume Parade in Dunsmuir & Mt. Shasta October 31st

Costume Parade; Dunsmuir. Dunsmuir Elementary School kids from preschool to 3rd grade come downtown for a safe trick-or-treat at the merchants. A fun parade of little creatures, heroes, fairies & more. 10am-11am. Downtown Dunsmuir. (530)235-2177. Costume Parade; Mt Shasta. Mt. Shasta Elementary School children in an array of costumes stroll … [Read more...]

Sew a Trick-or-Treat Bag Workshop in Redding October 22nd

Kids can make their own trick-or treat bag for Halloween, or parents can make one for their child. Easy beginner sewing project. Ages 6+. 10am-12:30pm. $20 + materials, pre-reg required. The Fabulous Fabric Shop, 1814 Churn Creek Rd. (530)221-1608. … [Read more...]

Gordy Ohliger Live! & Wiggle Kids! in Chico October 22nd

Gordy Ohliger Live!; Chico A fun informative evening of funky minstrel music, quirky stories, pioneer songs, risky ragtime, one weepy melody, hot jazz & novelty vaudeville...all played on rare vintage instruments. Q&A time & antique banjo display after show. All ages. 7:30pm. $8. Chico Women’s Club, 592 East Third St. … [Read more...]