Helping Hands: BloodSource – Give a Gift that Truly Matters

This holiday season, kick back, relax and give a gift that truly matters. In the midst of holiday chaos, choose to give a gift that no one but another person can give. The gift of blood extends both a lifeline and a lifetime to people like Emileigh Petty. It’s hard to imagine that the vibrant, enthusiastic and healthy young teen before you today … [Read more...]

Sisson School’s Kitchen: Investing In Mt. Shasta Kids’ Health

The site council for Sisson School in Mt. Shasta, CA, sends annual surveys to families to help maintain an excellent educational environment. Amid much positive feedback, responses have also included dissatisfaction with Sisson’s school lunches. Unfortunately, the lack of a commercial kitchen has crippled the district’s ability to enact much change … [Read more...]

Localicious: The Tradition of Giving

Growing up I lived three houses down from my best friend.  During the holidays we would get together with our moms and make either a craft or treats for each of our neighbors.  This is one of my favorite memories of the holiday season; there is something so special about learning what it feels like to give.  I can still remember the anticipation I … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids About Kindness: Small Gestures to Put Smiles on People’s Faces

Amid our busy lives, it can be easy to lose sight of the little things we can do to make the world a gentler, kinder place for others. As a result, our children miss out on golden opportunities to emulate such kindnesses. The holiday season is the perfect time to get started teaching kindness. So why not set a goal with your kids and see how many … [Read more...]

How to Host a Holiday Cookie Exchange

Cookie exchanges are inherently rewarding. Not only do you have a chance to share one of your family favorites, a cookie swap is a festive way to feed your guests with sweet cheer. Nothing beats the lovely afterglow of time spent with friends and a plate brimming with homemade goodies to gift to each other's families.   At first glance, a cookie … [Read more...]

Indoor Play Areas Learn Through Play

If winter weather keeps your kids cooped up until normal activities seem stale and attitudes begin to sour, these inventive indoor play areas offer refuge. Fully equipped with toys and activities that inspire creative play, these spaces offer two key ingredients to your child’s development: free-play and time with you. Research consistently … [Read more...]

Be the Change: Wayne Randolph Makes Classroom Connections that Count

Wayne Randolph’s classroom thrums with anticipatory excitement. Teams of students are positioned around a makeshift arena, their Lego robots poised for battle. And though the atmosphere is convivial, there’s no doubt these teams are ready for some friendly competition. Under Randolph’s gentle guidance, students have spent weeks learning the … [Read more...]

November 2017

On the Cover: “Our “framily”fall harvest dinner tradition started with the Magladrys,McGrew's and the Wlodarczyk families gathering just after the kids were born and usually it follows a day of me photographing the families,” says photographer Lisa Magladry from Modern Image Photography. This gathering was photographed in Willows,CA. Photography: … [Read more...]

We’re Hoping for a FLOOD! Help us fill Turtle Bay with a river—of Turtles!

Want to own your very own turtle? You can—and it comes with perks. It will make you famous, plus you will be doing a good deed, too. Purchasing a turtle engraved with your or your family’s name will help support Turtle Bay Exploration Park’s world-class educational and cultural programs. Your name will shimmer in the spotlight, as your turtle … [Read more...]

Teaching Children Tolerance: Accepting and Celebrating Diversity

According to the latest FBI data, there were 5,818 single-bias hate crimes committed for the year 2015 alone. Of concern to parents, according to various agencies, young men under 26 are the perpetrators of a significant percentage of these violent acts. Religious-based biases, as well as ethnic and racial biases, are learned during early … [Read more...]