Rare Air Trampoline Park: A North State Gem for Birthday Fun

Whether your child is a tiny tot or a teenager, Rare Air Trampoline Park is sure to turn your next birthday celebration into a hopping-good time. Owned by Ryan and Rachel Thomas, along with business partner Terry Smith, the park is a one-of-a-kind attraction between Sacramento and Oregon. The grand-opening of this North State gem in spring of 2015 … [Read more...]

A Festive Mess: Creative Birthday Activities For an Unforgettable Party

My husband and I have thrown quite a few awesome birthday parties over the years. However, when reflecting back over all the parties we've hosted, it's clear to me that the most memorable parties were not the most elaborate – or even the most expensive. They were simply the messiest. Messy and birthday parties go together better than you might … [Read more...]

Choosing a Pediatrician

Your relationship with your child's pediatrician is one of the longest associations you'll have in your lifetime. For one child, it's a connection that's likely to last 18 to 21 years. If you have more than one child, you'll be bonded to a pediatrician even longer. Like any long-term relationship, you can reduce the frustration and heartache of … [Read more...]

April 2017

On the Cover: Gavin Briggs Smith is a 2-year-old New Year’s Eve baby who loves sports – especially  baseball! He was playing catch before he could walk. He also loves water; and playing at the river is his favorite. He idolizes his big brother Owen. Photography: Lisa Tosi Photography is located in Chico, CA. Lisa’s specialties include children, … [Read more...]

Celebrate Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day in style at the 11th annual Whole Earth and Watershed Festival! This unique event brings together families, educators, businesses, artists and activists to rejoice in the gifts Mother Nature provides. The event features a little something for everyone with activities and booths that aim to help those in the North State advocate … [Read more...]

Five Things to Do After A Special Needs Diagnosis

I'll never forget the moment I was told my baby had Down syndrome. I was sitting next to her incubator in the hospital, holding on to her heel. I remember being pleased because her eyes were open. She stared intently into mine. The doctor spoke and the words “Down syndrome” crashed over me. Suddenly I was alone without a buoy, paddling like crazy … [Read more...]

Be Well Postpartum and Beyond

Throughout your pregnancy, you eat the right foods, drink plenty of fluids, rest and try to keep stress to a minimum. Once your baby arrives you may feel like you can relax this self-care regimen, but caring for yourself should remain a top priority to ensure the health of both of you. Drink plenty of water since most obstetricians will tell you … [Read more...]

Gratitude from a Successful Local Mom

Amy Lacey of Cali’flour Foods is grateful to her community, family and business team for exponential growth. Her success has allowed her to give back to causes she is passionate about. Amy says, “The company’s focus is to make an incredible, unexplainable difference. Our business growth has opened all kinds of doors for us. I am surrounded with … [Read more...]

Localicious: A Closer Look Into School Gardens

Over the last decade of working with children in school gardens I have learned that when children are involved in the process of growing food, they will eat just about anything. Garden tacos are all the rage on our school campus at Chico Country Day School, and they are loved by kindergarteners and 8th graders alike. The recipe is quite simple and … [Read more...]

Be the Change: Lori Gaines – Advocating For Students And Parents Through Special Education

Sam was in fifth grade when she entered Lori Gaines’ classroom, glowing with what Lori calls an “unshakable positive spirit.” Lori had taught students of all shapes, sizes and specialties for over fifteen years, but helping Sam integrate from a moderate/severe special education class into her general education class forged a unique bond. “She … [Read more...]