For the Love of Singing: Through the Musical Door

What’s a team activity that doesn’t occur on a court or field? Singing. Mt. Shasta Elementary School’s music program and the Children’s Choir of Chico, though two very different arenas, cultivate children’s love for singing, capitalizing on the many social, emotional and developmental benefits of singing in a group. Mt. Shasta Elementary School … [Read more...]

Building Community Enriches Lives

Generations ago, before television and cell phones, building a strong community was a way of life. Homes were built with porches where residents could lounge and spend time catching up with the neighbors, enjoying the weather or scolding naughty children. At that time, people were involved in life outside the four walls of their home because they … [Read more...]

Shopping With Purpose: Little Red Hen Makes a Big Difference

For nearly 16 years Little Red Hen has served the North State community’s developmentally disabled residents. Originally started with one plant nursery, the non-profit organization has expanded over the years to include five retail stores and employs over 135 developmentally disabled adults diagnosed with such illnesses and disorders as cerebral … [Read more...]

Love Your Home From the Outside In With a Little Feng Shui

What makes your house or apartment a home to you? Is it the furniture, the items on the shelves that you have collected for years, or the people you share it with? Think for a moment about how your living space makes you feel. Your home is a multi-sensory experiential environment and it takes effort to make it a positive one. The sound of a … [Read more...]

Localicous: Glorious Greens Year Round!

In recent years, the value of adding nutrient-rich greens to our diet has caught the attention of consumers, resulting in an explosion of available options. Not so long ago, the typical “garden salad” consisted mostly of chopped iceberg lettuce. Now that same menu item is a veritable medley of mixed greens, from arugula to escarole, mizuna to … [Read more...]

Reading with Your Child: An Investment with Lifelong Rewards

March is National Reading Month and a great time for you to celebrate the benefits of reading to and with your child. Reading aloud can give the youngest listeners a head start in language development and reading readiness years before they attend school. Maintaining that commitment as children mature helps improve comprehension and expand … [Read more...]

Plates for People – and the Planet

Mount Shasta's Cheryl Boerger is saving the planet, one plate at a time. As a community service, she provides reusable plates, cutlery and glasses for various events, fundraisers and meetings in California and Oregon - and she does it all free of charge. Since founding Plates for People and the Planet nearly seven years ago, Cheryl estimates she … [Read more...]

Be the Change – Building A Healthy, Connected Community

When Steve Naiman founded the Growing Healthy Children Walk & Run (GHC), he had a mission: Bring the community together for a day of fun by promoting an active lifestyle and good nutrition. The event is now in its 11th year and organizers expect up to a thousand participants at the 2017 event on Saturday, April 15, in Chico at Bidwell Park. … [Read more...]

February 2017

On the Cover: Lucas, age, 8 enjoys Minecraft, Legos and Star Wars. Elliot, age 5 enjoys drawing, painting & playing outside. She and her brother attend Grant Elementary School. The children's father is Dr. Enos Heinzen, from Moore & Pascarella dental practice in Redding. Photography: Benjamin Goodpasture is a North State photographer … [Read more...]

Let’s All Admit We Love a Stranger

“I feel like I don’t know you anymore.” Usually, we think this means the end of a relationship. What if it means a relationship can finally get started? My wife and I have been married for fourteen years so I’m absolutely certain I know why she is not returning my text messages. When I left her this morning she was quiet and sullen about … [Read more...]