January 2018

On the Cover: Megan, left, started ballet at Kinetics Academy of Dance in Chico at age 4 and is now in her 12th year. Megan plays fiddle, clarinet, oboe, saxophone and flute. A sophomore at Inspire School of Arts and Sciences, she performs with her school orchestra, is a member of the robotics team, and is president of the Science Ambassadors club. … [Read more...]

Strings in Schools – Violin, Flute and Kindermusik in the North State

Violins come in eight sizes, the smallest size merely 14.5 inches in length from scroll to end button. This adorable instrument fits snugly into the arm span of very young musicians, those around the age of four or five. But who would put such a complex instrument in the hands of such a young child? We turn to Strings in Schools, a Suzuki music … [Read more...]

Arts Education – It’s for All of Us

The mention of “art in school” conjures a sensory kaleidoscope of paste, tempura, clay and happy children in colorfully-splotched smocks. True, kids love to paint, mold and goop up almost anything with glitter glue, but an arts education is much more than that. Experts say that regular engagement with the arts helps students develop an array of … [Read more...]

Weeding Out The Couch Potatoes – 50 Things To Do Instead Of Screen Time

Across the nation, crops of couch potatoes sprout up every winter. They are fueled by the colder days and early sunset, leaving them unable to do more than is absolutely necessary. If you are looking for alternative ways to entertain the kids and yourself this winter, try leaving the electronics in their chargers. Here are 50 suggestions to help … [Read more...]

The View from the Passenger’s Seat

My son starts Driver’s Education next month, making this my third time through this process. My first two experiences were with my daughters, but this time I will be sitting alongside a kid who grew up playing Super Mario Kart. For those of you who have not parented this stage yet, let me explain what you have to look forward to. The first time … [Read more...]

Localicious – Hot Tea: The Earthy Remedy

While Christmas is gone, winter has just begun. The weather is chilly, and little noses are turning red in the morning wait for the bus. Moms are reminding their children to wear coats as they go outside. The fear of getting sick looms in every parent’s mind. Runny noses and sore throats seem to be on the prowl. What can be done to stay ahead of … [Read more...]

What’s On The Menu? Lifelong kitchen skills for teens at Dunsmuir High School

“This is not like a class,” Jeff Capps announces to students enrolled in Dunsmuir High School Culinary Arts Program (Dunsmuir, CA). Each new roomful of students may well wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into, if not a class. But Jeff quickly explains: “This is more like a job. If you arrive on time and do as you’re asked, you’ll do well.” … [Read more...]

Be the Change – Abbie Ehorn Drumming Up Confidence In Music Students Of All Ages

Abbie Ehorn started her career as a primary school teacher at Evergreen Elementary School in Cottonwood, CA, and her passion for music leaked into every lesson. Her instinctive talent for blending music with classroom lessons earned Abbie the privilege of reviving the elementary school’s long-dormant music program. She eagerly launched into a … [Read more...]

December 2017

On the Cover: Artist Mary Lake-Thompson who began her art interest as a child, created the snowman and adorning artwork on this months' cover. Her art education stems from the University of Colorado and San Francisco Art Institute.  She has been a North State resident for many years. Enjoy Mary’s delightful art by viewing her site at  … [Read more...]

Helping Hands: Valley Oak Children’s Services – Touching The Hearts Of Children, Families And Community

For the past 37 years, Valley Oak Children’s Ser­vices has been touching the HEART of children, families, and communities in Butte County through Health, Education, Advocacy, Resources and Train­ing. VOCS is a community-based organization that supports anyone raising, caring for, teaching or wanting to have children. We are a strength-based … [Read more...]