We’re Hoping for a FLOOD! Help us fill Turtle Bay with a river—of Turtles!

Want to own your very own turtle? You can—and it comes with perks. It will make you famous, plus you will be doing a good deed, too. Purchasing a turtle engraved with your or your family’s name will help support Turtle Bay Exploration Park’s world-class educational and cultural programs. Your name will shimmer in the spotlight, as your turtle … [Read more...]

Teaching Children Tolerance: Accepting and Celebrating Diversity

According to the latest FBI data, there were 5,818 single-bias hate crimes committed for the year 2015 alone. Of concern to parents, according to various agencies, young men under 26 are the perpetrators of a significant percentage of these violent acts. Religious-based biases, as well as ethnic and racial biases, are learned during early … [Read more...]

Under the Flags of Gratitude: Sherwood Montessori fosters thankfulness with a Festival of Gratitude

Sherwood Montessori is kicking off November with an autumn festival on November 3. From after school to sundown, students and their families will play carnival games, run relays, enjoy a potluck dinner of hearty autumnal soups and chilis and make fall-themed crafts such as pinecone bird feeders. Donn Thomson, a local square dance caller, will set … [Read more...]

Don’t Compare

As a mother of six children, I have found myself comparing one child to another many times. Even though I know their physical, emotional, and intellectual development will progress at a rate that is unique to each child and each will have their own strengths and weaknesses, while in the midst of a two-year-old’s tantrum over a seemingly trivial … [Read more...]

Localicious: Food That Bonds The Family Together – Bringing Back Dinner Table Discussion

Sitting down to a home-cooked meal prepared by Mom sounds more fantasy than reality these days. Imagine the ham just out of the oven and the potatoes seasoned to perfection, biscuits made from scratch and pie cooling for dessert. Everyone is asking about one another’s day and listening intently. No one is rushing off to soccer practice or glancing … [Read more...]

What I Thought I Knew vs. What I Know About Raising Adopted Kids

With consistent limitlessness, I love all my children the same, born to me and adopted by me. Then again, if I'm honest, that's not totally true. I love my adopted kids "more," because more is required. My adopted children arrived with invisible, overflowing suitcases of tough stuff - issues inherent to adoption - spilling over into our daily … [Read more...]

Be the Change: Michelle Carlson – Making the Impossible Possible, One Space at a Time

Throughout my middle school and high school years, I despised math and science classes. I knew they were important and I got OK grades in them, but I had to drag myself to every one of those classes against my own will. Then the summer after graduation I decided to take a couple of classes at the local junior college before heading off to my … [Read more...]

October 2017

On the Cover: Casey McGrew and her children visit Hillside Poms, a U-pick pomegranate farm in Corning, CA. The amazing fruits are nutritious and fun to pick! Emery (4), and her brother Kade (20 months), also enjoy spending time outdoors, gathering eggs from their flock of chickens. Photography: Modern Image Photography, owned by Lisa Magladry, is … [Read more...]

Seven Tips For Overcoming Fear Of The Dark

“Mommy, keep the hall light on,” my six-year-old reminds me as I tuck his beloved blanket securely around his slender frame and lean over to kiss him good night. I've plugged in a night light in his room and another in the adjoining bathroom. The orange glow of the street lamp outside bounces off the wall over his bed. He already seems bathed in … [Read more...]

This Season’s Harvest Happenings

Bright orange pumpkins as far as you can see!—the earthy smell, the rustling vines—choosing one’s own best pumpkin from a pumpkin patch is a rich experience for a child. For youngsters who aren’t aware of the food and farm connection, such a sensory experience really brings that home. Meeting the farmers can also be memorable; they may offer a … [Read more...]