At-Home Dads: Fathers Who Are Primary Caregivers

To start things out, let’s get two things clear. First, when you’re talking about At-Home Dads, semantics are important. They are not “Mr. Mom.” According to the National At-Home Dad Network, an At-Home Dad (AHD) is any father who is the regular primary caregiver of his children. Second, the majority of these dads, 70 percent according to a recent … [Read more...]

June 2017

On the Cover: Lisa, owner of Modern Image Photography, was proud to capture her little family. Her husband, Scott, 4-year-old Macy and 2-year-old Regan. These two girls absolutely adore their Daddy and had so much fun cheesing for the camera in front of our family truck we fondly call "Big Blue". Photography: Modern Image Photography, owned by … [Read more...]

Rent A Floating Hotel

When you feel the need for a stress-free place to hang out, try vacationing on a houseboat – a floating hotel where waterfront views are guaranteed. Living on the lake for an extended vacation or just a few days is perfect for families with children. Kids and their parents, love to splash into refreshing water from the on-deck slide, dive off the … [Read more...]

The Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum: Illuminating The Past, Present And Future Of The Mount Shasta Area

Looking for a refreshing getaway during the hot days of summer? Check out the Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum, where you can bring the entire family to explore, learn and play – all for a suggested donation of just $1 each. This charming museum offers 4,000 square feet of indoor space filled with child-friendly exhibits, plus plenty of outdoor space … [Read more...]

Localicious: Fit Feasting Without the Fuss – How 3 North State Women Make Healthy Eating Easy For Busy Families

In a society ruled by the clock, Liza Wood, Michelle Cave and Jena Trzaskalski oppose the dichotomy of fast-and-easy food versus hearty-and-healthy meals. These creative, entrepreneurial women have instead found ways to make nutritionally dense meals that save their clients time and stress. Even better, each of these chefs works her culinary magic … [Read more...]

Traveling Safely with Children: New California Laws for Car Seat, Booster Seat & Seat Belt Safety

It’s that time of year for summer road trips, camp activities and family recreation. It is vital that parents and childcare providers keep themselves educated on the most current car seat, booster seat and seat belt laws and the best safety practices.  On January 1, 2017, California updated its car seat and seat belt safety laws. The new law … [Read more...]

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Summer?

Think about how much time we spend in our cars driving our kids – these family vehicles should be kept in tip-top shape. Auto maintenance and our family’s safety is of utmost importance. Our little ones deserve no less. From the day that I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I instantly had a new perspective on car safety. I had one of … [Read more...]

Be the Change: Dave Theno – Encouraging Students to Discover Their Unique Paths

Dave Theno found his niche as an administrator and teacher at Golden Eagle Charter School in Mount Shasta in 2005. Golden Eagle offers a combination of independent learning and classroom instruction. Dave’s work includes managing the school’s 6th-12th grade program, teaching classes in music and social studies while facilitating student learning. … [Read more...]

Natural First Aid Kits

Spring has sprung and nature is budding with new life, which beckons many families out of their homes to play, garden and enjoy the beautiful North State landscape. With adventures there are sure to be some minor mishaps that ensue, such as encounters with poison oak, cuts, sunburns, allergy flare-ups and maybe even a slight cold too. It is wise to … [Read more...]

May 2017

On the Cover: In or out of the water, Ruby June is a 4-year-old who loves to pretend she is a princess 100% of the time! May is National Water Safety Month, a good time for parents to consider teaching their children how to swim. Water safety classes can help reduce the risk of drowning in younger children. Photography: Crystal Amen started her … [Read more...]