Events Calendar Submission Guidelines

Our monthly distribution in Upper CA is 17,000+, distributed at over 400 locations; our events calendar is found on our website as well as in our print magazine.

North State Parent Events Calender Submission Guidelines:

1- Events info needs to be submitted online by the 10th of the month prior to the event’s actual date. For example, the submission deadline is April 10 for an event occurring May 25. You are welcome to submit events for future months.

2- Please submit your event’s info via our online submission form — the link is located on our website’s homepage at in the drop-down of the navigation bar’s Calendar section.

A direct link to the form is here:

Please note: General press releases are not the best way to submit events info – we do not have the staff to handle processing press releases, especially PDF or JPG fliers. Our online submission form ensures we receive all info needed to create a listing, and pre-formats submission info into our layout style, so time spent with your listing is spent making sure it’s clear and inviting to readers.

Calendar Photos:

You are invited to submit a high-resolution photograph(s) that represents your event (i.e., a 300 dpi jpg at full size). All photos will be considered for use as a calendar photo — we love receiving inspiring photos that inform readers about your events! Photo use is determined by factors that include photo quality and available space.

– After submitting your event’s info online, if you haven’t attached a high-res photo with the submission form, or have multiple photos available, you may email your photo/s to Please include the event name and event date in the email’s subject line so we know what event the photo is representing!

Note: We only publish photographs to represent an event — we are not able to use logos, graphics or poster art as a calendar photo.
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NSP’s Monthly Reminder Email List: Click to sign up

We offer a monthly reminder-to-submit-your-events email send-out. Ongoing enthusiastic feedback lets us know the reminder is helpful and appreciated!

Each reminder email is sent during the first week of the month, and:
a) lets recipients know it’s time to submit events info for the upcoming month
b) includes a link to NSP’s online events calendar submission form.


Thank you for your interest, and for helping to make
North State Parent’s Events Calendar a fantastic resource for families in upper CA!!