Why We Are The Region’s Most Effective Partner In Reaching The Family Market

Are you looking to advertise your business, organization or event? 

North State Parent is read by families, educators and others who work with children – and importantly, we reach MOMS! Surveys show that mothers make most of the household decisions for their families, and we are the best way in the North State region to reach this valuable demographic through print media.

We offer a magazine that parents get excited about. North State Parent is the area’s premiere publication that focuses on educational articles and informative family-related news. We distribute 19,000 copies of each free monthly issue to over 530 locations in the upper Northern California region.

Our readers tell us their monthly copy of North State Parent is typically read by at least one other person. Thanks to our extensive community calendar, parents refer back to North State Parent several times each month, giving our advertisers valuable repeat exposure.


We’ve got you covered! Our magazines go where families go!

Everybody has to grocery shop and parents probably spend more time at food markets than most anyone! That’s why we have magazine racks at most local grocery chain outlets in Butte and Shasta counties, including Safeway, Ray’s Food Place in Mt. Shasta, several North State Grocery Outlet Stores, as well as over 530 other North State locations.

To see some of our many distribution locations visit: northstateparent.com/distribution


Want To Place A Display Ad?

Display ads in the print magazine are offered in over ten different sizes, with price breaks given for ads that run 3, 6 or 12 months. Our website ads are available in two sizes, with price breaks for ads that run 6 or 12 months.

For a complete media kit and price list,  contact Pamela Newman by email at pn@northstateparent.com or by phone at (530) 926-1287.

Ad Sizes

[sws_box_table_csv width=”100%” bgcolor=”ffffff” tbcolor=”333333″ tbwidth=”2″ tbtype=”hidden” hbgcolor=”b9c9fe” hcolor=”333333″ hbcolor=”ffffff” hbwidth=”1″ hbtype=”solid” bbgcolor=”e8edff” bcolor=”666699″ bbcolor=”ffffff” bbwidth=”1″ bbtype=”solid” bzebra=”e8edff” bhover=”d0dafd”]

Ad Size Dimensions
Resource Ad 2.23 wide x 1.64 tall
1/12 Horizontal 4.66 wide x 1.64 tall
1/12 Vertical 2.23 wide x 3.46 tall
1/8 Horizontal 4.66 wide x 2.55 tall
1/8 Vertical 2.23 wide x 5.28 tall
1/6 4.66 wide x 3.46 tall
1/4 horizontal 7.1 wide x 3.46 tall
1/4 vertical 4.66 wide x 5.28 tall
1/3 horizontal 9.5 wide x 3.46 tall
1/3 vertical 4.66 wide x 7.1 tall
Junior 7.1 wide x 5.28 tall
1/2 horizontal 9.5 wide x 5.28 tall
1/2 vertical 4.66 wide x 10.75 tall
Full page 9.5 wide x 10.75 tall


Ad sizes