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Amy Lacey’s supportive family shown from left to right: Caroline age 12, Amy, Grant age 8, husband Jim and James age 14. Photo by Ten Toes Photography.

Photo by Blueline.

Amy Lacey of Cali’flour Foods is grateful to her community, family and business team for exponential growth. Her success has allowed her to give back to causes she is passionate about. Amy says, “The company’s focus is to make an incredible, unexplainable difference. Our business growth has opened all kinds of doors for us. I am surrounded with lovely people who have really helped the company grow. We have the same goal and it’s not all about the money, or being the best – it’s about having a mission near and dear to our hearts. We pride ourselves on really focusing on our valued customers and sincerely appreciate that our quality products have been so well received.”

When it comes to cauliflower, Chico’s very own Amy Lacey is an expert. As a busy mother of three and serial entrepreneur, Amy and a fellow health coach started the company Cali’flour Foods with the intention of making America healthy. Together, with the help of Amy’s daughter Caroline, they created a proprietary low-carb, gluten free pizza crust. It has been coined #TheNewWhiteFlour because of its versatility and recently gained national recognition as a “Cool New Find” in “Clean Eating Magazine”’s Clean Choice Awards 2017.

Amy has poured her heart and soul into Cali’flour Foods and she attributes its tremendous success to having a well-balanced and supportive team. The alignment of values and unification are the components that have made Cali’flour Foods strong, especially during their extreme growth this year. She recognizes her husband Jim, her parents Ken and Lou, along with her children James, Caroline and Grant as key contributors for the company’s success.

Gary and Pam Zink

Cali’flour Foods welcomes newest team members Gary and Pam Zink. Gary is the new CEO, previously working for Mary’s Gone Crackers as the Vice President of Manufacturing. He and Pam joined Cali’flour Foods because their core values united with that of Jim and Amy Lacey’s. They saw the passion and potential in the company and came at the perfect time – bringing their vast business experience. Their involvement has allowed Cali’flour Foods to meet and exceed customer needs, expectations and the company’s exponential growth.

Amy is very grateful for the widespread popularity of Cali’flour Pizza Crusts and has a customer satisfaction team that is focused on creating an impeccable experience for their customers. This importance was emphasized as the company brought in independent consultants Doug and Jimi Smith who specialize in customer service, content management and organizational leadership. Cali’flour Foods makes every effort to give their customers a voice. They have created a successful social media platform for their community to interact and be a part of the journey. Amy and her team take all customer comments as positive contributions to impact change that facilitates forward propulsion into the market.

Doug and Jimi Smith

“Our customers care about what they put into their body and what they feed their family. They love the clean simple ingredients,” says Amy. “The newest plant-based crust appeals to a whole new demographic. We had multiple people request a plant-based option so we listened and felt that was important.”

Cali’flour’s story began with Amy’s search for wellness and the company’s story continues to inspire with the compassion they have for the world around us.

The company is full of like-minded people who have a passion for health and see a global responsibility to help wherever they can. Cali’flour Foods’ mission aligns with organizations such as: the Apolis Project, which supports women in Bangladesh; The Mentoring Project, which joins “at risk” youth with mentors; Mosaic LA, which is focused on the spiritual components of leadership; and Lupus LA, which is raising awareness regarding lupus.

There are exciting new things on the horizon for Cali’flour Foods this year: new products, a book focusing on healthy nutrition, transformations, recipes and looking forward to national distribution. Cali’flour Foods and Amy Lacey are very grateful for the tribe of people across the nation who find joy in the clean simplicity of Cali’flour Foods and they are looking forward to another successful year of helping others.

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