Other Endings by Cody Lakin

art-0117-other-endingsCody Lakin, 21, is the author of a recently published book called Other Endings, a fiction novel about a lonely, depressed man named Lester Halley who finds himself in a town full of ghosts, both literal and metaphorical. Lakin was raised in Mount Shasta, California, and now splits his time between there and Ashland, Oregon.

“According to my parents I’ve been a storyteller since before I could talk, trying to tell them stories with stuffed animals and action figures,” Lakin says. “But I personally realized that I wanted to be a writer the first day of summer after fifth grade. I had always loved filling notebooks with stories, but for some reason I just decided to try writing a novel that day, and haven’t stopped writing since.”

Lakin recalls that his first stories were “developmental ripoffs” of other fantasy stories until his 6th grade English teacher, Judy White, began encouraging him to branch out and develop his skills. White had weekly writing assignments that allowed Lakin to do a lot of writing, which White supported and encouraged enthusiastically.

“My writing really began to change in high school, when I read my first Stephen King book, IT,” Lakin says. “Reading IT was a wakeup call for me, as it introduced me to adult fiction in a shocking way. Before that, I had only read young-adult fantasy novels, which were great, but King helped me find my own voice.”

art-0117-codyDiscovering Stephen King opened Lakin up to a completely different literary world, and King has defined much of who Lakin is as a writer, he says. Another writer who has influenced Lakin greatly is Raymond Carver, author of books such as Cathedral and Call If You Need Me. Carver’s ability to pack meaning and emotion into single concise lines has moved Lakin and inspired him greatly both as a person and as a writer, he says.

Lakin’s editor at the Mount Shasta Herald, Steve Gerace, has also been a mentor, along with Lakin’s father, Kevin, who has always been the first person to read and edit his new stories.

“I am very grateful for the experience I gained writing for North State Parent magazine’s ‘Teen Scene’ column,” Lakin says. “It was especially fun to be a young writer contributing to a respected magazine.”

Lakin says that Other Endings is a culmination of many people, authors and ideas that have influenced him over time. He describes the book as “somewhat of a horror novel with a heart that lies in its main character and his emotional journey – an awakening through trauma, pain and loss that he experiences throughout the story.”

Other Endings was published by Black Rose Writing and is now available for purchase at http://www.amazon.com and http://www.barnesandnoble.com.

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