Five Reasons to Give Your Child the Gift of Summer Camp


I treasure the stories my children tell after arriving home from summer camp each year. Their week-long adventures include experiences that build character and relationships. Every camp has a unique way of teaching kids their value while giving them opportunities to experience all kinds of unique fun typically not found at home.

Spring is the perfect time to begin exploring summer camp options. To find one that fits your child’s needs, seek out the opinions of friends, neighbors, teachers and church counselors about camps they recommend. And check out North State Parent’s Summer Camps Directory in this issue! Whether a day or overnight camp, there’s sure to be one your child will love and gain valuable skills from.

Camp counselor Jamie Newman has worked several summers at a children’s camp for kids ages 5-16. She expresses her enthusiasm for the benefits of enrolling kids: “Camp encourages kids to try new things and teaches them confidence through those new experiences. They learn valuable life lessons when encouraged to work through fears and to try something even if it doesn’t feel comfortable. Also, when kids are thrown together, they’re forced to learn how to get along with others and they often build lasting relationships that continue when camp is over.”

My own five kids have attended many summer camps ranging from athletic to church to choir and band camps. Each experience of new activities and interactions with others has played a unique role in building character qualities and creating life-long memories.

If you need some encouragement to give your child the gift of summer camp, consider these benefits:

  1. Camp encourages independence and allows children a chance to make decisions on their own in a safe, caring environment. Kids benefit from new relationships with camp counselors who care about them and want to help them with everyday struggles.
  2. Outdoor camps force kids to unplug from technology and enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature. Through outside activities, kids find new hobbies without academic pressure or expectations, and they gain self-confidence through trying new things and discovering talents they didn’t know they had.
  3. Camp teaches good sportsmanship by encouraging each child to be fair and kind, win or lose. Team activities teach kids how to cooperate with others and the value of getting along through working together and supporting one another.
  4. Camp fosters new friendships with kids from varying backgrounds – helping kids gain an understanding of how others live outside their community. In a relaxed atmosphere, kids easily make friends while they play, sing, work, eat, and, at overnight camps, bunk together.
  5. Camps can create life-long memories of new adventures in places kids have never experienced.
  6. Camps often offer carefree days where kids can learn how to thrive outside the structure of over-scheduled days.

There are plenty of adventures and character-building experiences waiting for your child this summer – sign up early, as many camps fill quickly!

Gayla Grace
About Gayla Grace

Gayla Grace is a mom/stepmom to five children. A former piano instructor, she enjoys playing the piano at her church and other community events.


  1. Thank you for this article on summer camps. I never really considered that summer camps help encourage independence and a chance to have kids make decisions. My son never expressed interest in camps, and we didn’t want to force him to go. I think it would have been good for him if we found on he liked.

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