The Ashland Springs Hotel in Ashland, Oregon


Can we be honest for just a moment? Sometimes we need a break from our children. There is no question that we love our children and enjoy spending time with them. There are times though, when you just need some time away. It may feel a bit selfish, and many won’t take the time for that reason. Making the time, however, is a gift both to yourself and to your children. We need time with our spouses, and with our friends – we are better for it when we take that time.

Ashland, Oregon, is just over two hours from Redding and three-and-a-half from Chico, and is a treasure trove of art, music and interesting activity. Raimund and Amy Schulze of Redding enjoy Ashland as a getaway destination and value their time spent there. “It is beneficial for us as a couple to connect. We come back refreshed. Plus it gives our kids a chance to miss us,” Amy says. For Judy Cox of Palo Cedro, and her friends, the Ashland Springs Hotel in Ashland is their destination of choice for the annual trip they take together.

art-0501-ashland-springs-hotelThe Ashland Springs Hotel in Ashland is a perfect getaway destination. Historically, this beautiful hotel dates back to 1925, and continues to reflect the heartbeat of the region. The rooms are cozy, cheerful and meticulously clean. The view to the east is a watercolor of rolling green hills dotted with farmhouses.

The hotel lobby is filled with an eclectic array of interesting furniture and glass-fronted cabinets displaying artistic groupings of natural artifacts, such as shells, birds, and even a collection of sea horses. People stop here to rest, visit, and enjoy the fascinating collections.

In fact, nature is the thread that runs throughout the hotel, from the botanical prints on the walls in the rooms and along the halls, to orchids blooming in pots, to the garden patio. In the hotel restaurant, Larks, the emphasis on nature is reflected in its use of farm-fresh ingredients, resulting in cuisine that’s extraordinary.

Next door, the Waterstone Spa and Salon, also run by the hotel, offers an opportunity to take your getaway to a whole new level. All along the streets of Ashland, visitors will discover a charming assortment of galleries, restaurants and shops. A variety of festivals and artistic events take place throughout the year, providing opportunities for memorable entertainment. However, the special qualities of the Ashland Springs Hotel make a visit at any time a delight.


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