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We’re living in unprecedented times for all entrepreneurs as our global economy shifts. Though some may find these changes challenging, the economic opportunities for women, especially mothers, are becoming even more exciting. Never before have mothers had such opportunities to deepen their connections to their families while fulfilling their unique entrepreneurial passions than they do now.

Women are incredible entrepreneurs. Studies by the Kauffman Foundation and the Dow Jones Company found that women-led, venture-backed companies produce 12% higher revenues on less capital. Additionally, companies led by women are more resilient during difficult economic times than their competitors.

Is it any wonder? Mothers are keen multi-taskers, able to run forgotten lunches to school while still making it to important meetings. Moms are great salespeople, whether they’re convincing their toddler to give broccoli a try or a new client to sign a contract. They’re also a resilient bunch, able to handle storms of childhood illness as well as cash flow crunches.

As a part of National Women’s Small Business Month, North State Parent is highlighting this incredible group of unique Mamapreneurs from the north state. As our global economy shifts, the women entrepreneurs in the North State are the economic engine of growth not only for their families, but for businesses and the communities they serve.

We invite you to meet them here, and connect with them to strengthen our local economies that make our communities such a unique place to live and raise families.  

art-1015-kangDr. Jennifer Kang, Selah Women’s Health

In business since 2015

“I feel I carry a unique gift for relating to women, empowering them to be leaders in their family and community, helping them build their families in a safe and nurturing place. I wanted a practice that could truly focus on caring and compassion while treating our women.”

“With four young children, my life is very hectic. I embrace support from my family, the community, and my wonderful staff at Selah. I couldn’t do this alone.”

“The best things about entrepreneurship are the autonomy, and being able to dream, and to do what I know is necessary when it needs to be done. I’ve already grown and learned throughout this process of being a mamapreneur.”

“I am lucky to have a support system. The best advice I’ve received is, ‘Dream bigger!  If you can imagine it, it is not big enough.’”

2216 Buenaventura Blvd., Ste. B • Redding • (530) 338-0002

art-1015-singhDr. Kiran Singh, M.D, North State Radiology

With North State Radiology since 2007

“Parenting and running a business have quite a bit in common. Both roles require personal commitment and dedication to caring for someone else. The goal of any mother is to raise caring, decent children who become productive members of society. As a physician and President of North State Radiology, my goal is similar: to provide quality healthcare services to support the well being of the people in the community that we serve.”

“A friend once said that with parenting, ‘the days are long, but the years are short.’ I often think of that advice when juggling being a mom and entrepreneur. It helps me focus on what is most important in life and the precious moments that make it all worthwhile.”

1702 Esplanade  • Chico  • (530) 898-0504

art-1015-trishiaTrisha Wells, Owner, Enchantment Children’s Parties

In business since 2013

“When my daughter turned three, we looked for something to make her birthday party extra special. Not finding a business providing magical moments for children’s birthday parties in the North State, I decided to meet that need. I have been a party planner for over 15 years, and the opportunity to create memorable parties for kids has been so fulfilling for me!”

“As with my own children, I love seeing the joy my work and dedication brings to children’s faces when they get to meet their idols. We now have eleven princesses for girls, and a few superheroes for boys. I also love that I have the opportunity to become more involved in our community events and outreach activities.”

“A local artist gave me the best advice: ‘Don’t worry about all the details, it’s all about the smiles!’  It really is!”

Serving Northern California from Paradise
(530) 774-4232 •

art-1015-christinaChristina Burton, Positive-I

In business since 2009

“I started Positive-I in Chico in 2009, but moved the business to my home in Paradise. Since then, our studio has become a sanctuary space for Paradise residents to feel safe, have fun, and heal from the inside out. Positive-I is my passion, my dream and my inspiration.”

“We offer classes in several styles of dance, yoga swing, acro yoga, poi, hula hooping, music, singing, small retail, private parties, community events, dance camps, art classes, mom’s night outs & more.”

“Though entrepreneurship and parenting can be challenging, the classes and support at Positive-I are some of the tools I use to stay centered, focused and present in the moment. The community here provides the support we all need to balance the demands of parenthood and entrepreneurship. Positive-I has taught me to never doubt myself or my vision.”

6294 Skyway • Paradise • (530) 872-1939 •

art-1015-beckyBecky May Gruenwald, Country Pumpkins

In Business Since: 2000

“I fully enjoy the fun of being with my family while working in agriculture, and as a teacher, I love sharing the story of agriculture with other families.”

“Farming is full of challenges. We are challenged by the weather, the political environment, regulations, and the economy. We get through those challenges with the understanding we cannot control or change what Mother Nature brings us, therefore making the best of what we have.  And we are proactive in helping to create a political and economic environment where farming can thrive.”

7152 Hwy 32 • Orland • (530) 865-1575 •

art-1015-kimKimberly Lange, DDS, Youthful Smiles

In Business Since: 2000

“Many households, by choice or necessity, must function with two working parents. That’s the case for my family. Running a business, managing a home and being a parent can be difficult to handle. I’ve found letting go of guilt goes a long way. Nobody’s perfect all the time, and we need to not sweat the small stuff.”

“The other thing that helps with a dual-employed household is stepping out of traditional roles. My husband makes lunches and helps with dishes and other chores. Whoever is available gets the job done. I encounter a lot of single dads in my practice who are doing a great job raising kids.”

“Your kids eventually get to an age where their schedules are as packed as yours! Grandparents can be a great help. I also urge people to utilize extended family for help if available.”

650 Rio Lindo Ave., Ste 4 • Chico • (530) 343-3137 •

art-1015-karliKarli Janc, Realtor (Lic.# 01981459) & Coffee Shop Owner, The Real Estate Group & The Elegant Bean

“Through owning The Elegant Bean in Cottonwood, I have enjoyed being involved in our community. I was ready for a new challenge, and real estate has been a great fit for me. I love setting my own goals and challenging myself to achieve them.”

“Throughout my entrepreneurial ventures, my father’s advice has kept me going. He said, ‘At the end of the day, make sure you go to bed feeling confident in how you handled your day and the decisions you made.’”

“Being able to multitask, manage my time and focus are skills I’ve learned as a mom, and they translate to success as an entrepreneur, too.”

The Real Estate Group – 950 Mission De Oro Dr. • Redding • (530) 949-4079
The Elegant Bean – 20633 Gas Point Rd. • Cottonwood • (530) 347-9669

art-1015-sarahSarah Livingston, Owner, Chico Montessori Children’s House

In business since 2014, first established 1973

“Parenting and running a business can be complementary activities, especially when running a preschool. My own daughter gives me perspective on seeing the world through a child’s eyes, which allows me to connect with our children in new ways. I derive such gratification watching our children develop a sense of independence, self-discipline, and a love of learning.”

“Maria Montessori believed that ‘education is not acquired by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.’ Entrepreneurship actually makes my parenting experience better. Our workplace is a very positive environment for all of our children, our staff, and our families. We have a close-knit community where all of our staff support each other as much as the children who attend.”

814 Glenn St. • Chico • (530) 342-5518 •

art-1015-kathyKathy Zant, Owner, Maximum Clarity Media LLC

Entrepreneur Since 1998

“I love how running my own business allows me the freedom and flexibility to flow wherever I am needed and wherever I can serve:  in business, volunteer activities, and, most importantly, at home.” “No matter what project I am working on –  written, spoken,  video, or consulting with others to clear limiting beliefs – being in the flow of heart-based creative energy is vital to my success.”

“My children have awakened that heart-based energy in me more than anyone else, so naming the business after Max and Claire highlights the work I do, as well as the reasons why I do it. Of course, being an entrepreneur requires taking a certain amount of risk, but the rewards have consistently been worth it.”

PO Box 463 • Mount Shasta • (530) 868-6707 •

art-1015-janeMaisie Jane Hurtado, Owner, Maisie Jane’s California Sunshine Products, Inc.

In business since 1993

Growing up in an almond farming family, I heard complaints about how finding quality almond products in stores was difficult. I decided to do something about it. After some experimentation, I developed my dry-roasted almond products to meet that need.”

Though juggling parenting and entrepreneurship is tricky, I find that my faith and hard work support me through long hours. Our children are home with us for such a short time; I don’t want to miss it. I also find that my children are developing a strong work ethic and pride by being involved in the business. I love when we’re shopping and one of my children points and says with a smile, ‘Mom, those are the best almonds!’”

Gift shop: 1324 Dayton Rd. • Chico • (530) 809-2374 •

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