It Takes a Village… or an Issue of North State Parent


It’s often said that raising a child takes a village, and at North State Parent magazine our main goal has always been to provide the support, resources and information needed to be the hub at the center of that village for every one of our readers.

From choosing a childcare provider to finding the perfect birthday party destination, our mission is to guide every reader to the resources they need to raise happy, healthy children.

We value this role in your life!

art-1015-ann2“Often, even in this tech-savvy world, a magazine can feel like a good friend,” says our publisher Pamela Newman. “Many times when someone knows we are the people who put the magazine together, they will come up to us and say, ‘thank you for helping me and my family.’”

Since creating North State Parent magazine (formally Shasta Parent) in 1993, Pamela has worked to provide a cohesive network between parents, schools, organizations and businesses that all serve parents.

North State Parent is primarily made up of a small, friendly staff of local parents, many who are raising kids while simultaneously playing a significant role in producing a publication of value to the community. We truly care about the success of businesses, schools and organizations that make the North State a treasured place to raise families … because we are doing the same thing.

When you pick up North State Parent you help build community spirit. We work hard to produce editorial content we are passionate about, and look to our readers for ideas about what you want to see from us.

For more than two decades, North State Parent has supported well over 127 nonprofit organizations and has fostered relationships with agencies and businesses that put children first. These partnerships have helped us create impactful content highlighting the good in our community, bringing awareness to various causes and ways to help all of our children grow.   

The advertisers we align with, many who have been with us from the beginning, strive to help make your choices easier by showcasing shopping venues, services, and events information that matter to you. When you choose to spend money with our advertisers (and mention us!), you are also investing in North State Parent and helping to foster connections.

While many things have changed since our first issue was published 22 years ago, the needs of our readers have remained the same. We strive to be your “go to” publication to find resources. We help with your weekend family plans as you scan our calendar. We are with you during celebrations and are here for you when you need ideas and support.

Thank you for welcoming our publication into your home! With every issue you pick up, you help us become the village hub for families in your community. 

Christina Gutierrez
About Christina Gutierrez

Author Christina Gutierrez is a mom and Tehama County resident. She is passionate about her community, multi-platform storytelling, and finding ways to connect with other mothers.

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