Tips for Kids’ Parties – Less Stress, More Fun!


Your child’s birthday is just around the corner and you promised a party. With all your day-to-day commitments, you may be wondering where to begin. These tips can help pave the way to a successful celebration:

Choose an enjoyable location. A “destination” party will save wear and tear on your home. Is there a local park or exploration museum near you with a picnic area? Do you belong to a club, center or organization that allows members to invite guests or rent a designated space for a reasonable fee? Be creative – the North State offers many party options, from popular to unique, that kids will love.

Plan every minute. Schedule times for each game and activity, including cake-eating and gift opening. Be flexible when needed, but having something planned for each minute of the entire party helps guarantee a more enjoyable time for everyone. Bored kids will wind up creating their own activities … preplanning helps keep young guests focused so they don’t get rowdy.

Create an arrival activity. Have something for early-bird guests to do while waiting for everyone to arrive. Have them sign a memory book, decorate a party hat, or create a group mural (butcher paper and crayons works well). Take pictures of everyone with the birthday child.

Know your “kid limit.” Invite only the number of kids you can handle at one time. Bring other adults on board for the big day, or consider hiring a helper. An age-appropriate adult-to-child ratio will help minimize stress and keep the focus on the fun!

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