The World Is Your Canvas: A Guide To Rock Painting


During sunny summer months we spend much of our time outdoors, until the weather brings a chill that sends us back inside, where, all too often, time is spent staring at a screen or being counter-productive. Arts and craft projects are a fun way to entertain and keep your child’s brain active no matter what the weather brings.

Your little ones will be able to have fun in the sun or keep busy during a rainy day spent indoors while creating their very own special pieces.

You will need:

  • An intriguing rock, big or small
  • Small bottle of Matte Varnish (Americana’s “DuraClear” works great!)
  • Colorful acrylic paints 
  • Paint brushes
  1. art-815-rocks2Apply a dime-sized amount of the varnish to your rock, using a paintbrush to disperse it evenly on the area you intend to paint. This step will fill the porous areas and create a smooth surface for painting.
  2. After the varnish dries, begin your masterpiece! You can use as many colors and create as many shapes as you want. Tip: Create fun dot-designs using the back of your paintbrush!
  3. When you are finished with your design and the paint is dry, be sure to apply another layer of varnish to the rock. This will seal your creation to prevent any injury to your beautiful work.

Taking your kids out in the yard or on a walk through the forest to hunt down a special rock for decorating is a wonderful way to spend the day. You can even pack a bag with your painting supplies and a snack to have an outdoor painting picnic!

Each finished piece can be used for something special. Use your painted rocks to decorate a garden or walkway, label planted herbs, or give Grandma and Grandpa a one-of-a-kind gift. The possibilities are endless.


Audrianna Thompson
About Audrianna Thompson

Audrianna Thompson is a 25-year-old artist and photographer living in Mt Shasta. She is motivated by her love for children and teaching them different ways to stay creative.


  1. wonderful article….great tips!

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