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Think of it as a fruit stand on steroids. Since 2013, Fresh Twisted Cafe in Chico has been serving up delicious and nutrient-packed smoothies, fruit juices, and fresh-to-order food for plenty of happy customers.

Originally a fruit stand called Hernandez Farm, Fresh Twisted Cafe has evolved into a family-run, family-friendly business that offers something delicious for everyone. Hearty breakfasts are served all day, as well as coffee drinks, wraps, burritos, sandwiches and quesadillas. Organic beef burgers are slow-cooked over wood pellets. They offer gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. Ingredients are purchased locally and everything’s fresh … there are no deep fryers at Fresh Twisted Cafe.

art-815-fib-tc2The cafe is well known for its smoothies, which are made with all fruit and fresh produce. They are dairy free and have no ice or sugar added. Try the popular “Hulk,” containing fresh-squeezed apple juice, mangos, peaches, pineapple, ginger, kale and spinach. Want to up the nutritional value? Add a boost of Omega-3, guarana, bee pollen, organic wheatgrass powder, or Echinacea. The combinations of fruit, vegetables, and boosters seem about as endless as your imagination.

Cafe owners and husband and wife team Doug Hernandez and Andrea Montgomery pride themselves on offering fresh, healthy options the entire family can appreciate. “We always wanted a place where people can bring their children, feel comfortable, and enjoy a healthy meal in peace,” Andrea says.

Working together to run the cafe allows the Hernandez family to spend precious time with one another. Doug is on site seven days a week to oversee all aspects of the business. Andrea is ready to fill in whenever needed, and she also does back-end work, such as ordering supplies and marketing. Brothers Dan and Wilbur are the “backbone” of the business, and when Doug and Andrea can’t be there act as their “eyes and ears.” Andrea says, “Overall we work really well as a team. Where one person lacks in experience or skills another fills in.”

“As a family it’s easy to get caught up with work and other activities, but we still manage to spend time together,” says Andrea. “Even if it’s working we are together – that’s what is important to us.”

Fresh Twisted Café
156 Eaton Rd Ste E, Chico
(530) 809-2489


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