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Granite Transformations in Chico is part of a worldwide company with over 200 locations around the globe. Proud to be coming up on their 10-year anniversary, owners Don Thomas and Zaher Murad reflect on the Chico store’s beginnings: “We thought the business was a great idea. Who wouldn’t want the most durable, most beautiful, and most environmentally friendly countertops in their home, installed in one day?”

Perhaps most well-known for their beautiful and durable kitchen countertops made from top-rated engineered granite, Granite Transformations is also recognized for their ability to quickly install new countertops directly over the existing counters. There’s no messy and costly demolition, and the granite countertops are maintenance-free and heat, stain and scratch resistant.

Granite Transformations also offers countertops made from recycled glass. These are offered in about a dozen beautiful colors and use up to 62 percent post-consumer waste glass from beer, wine and other bottles, making this option one of the most environmentally friendly and durable countertop materials available, says Thomas.

art-315-gr4Cabinet refacing is another popular service offered by Granite Transformations, and keeps with their environmentally friendly theme. Instead of tearing out and throwing away old cabinets, Granite Transformations refaces them with new doors, hardware and moldings, providing beautiful upgraded kitchen or bathroom cabinets at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.

There’s more. “We have the largest selection of beautiful hand-cut mosaic glass materials for backsplashes and decorative areas,” says Thomas. They also install new sinks in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, granite, cast iron, glass and copper.

Products from Granite Transformations can be used for flooring, fireplaces, bars, outdoor barbecues and tabletops. “Bathrooms have become a large part of what we do as well,” adds Thomas. “We offer beautiful vanities, tub surrounds, and full walk-in showers.”

  Personal service and accessibility is a key feature of the business. Both owners are involved in its day-to-day operations. “You can call and speak directly to one of us any time,” Thomas says. “We offer free consultations. We sit down with our clients and potential clients in their homes, and help them design their dream kitchens and bathrooms, and we do that for no charge.”

Most importantly, the entire business philosophy of Granite Transformations is designed to help the environment and in turn the local community. Their engineered granite materials use only one third of the raw materials needed for slab granite, and refacing existing counters and cabinets results in a significant reduction of materials that would otherwise go into local landfills. Additionally, adds Thomas, “we use low-VOC epoxys, glues and resins, which is also a plus for the environment.”

Granite Transformations is unique in providing their own patented and trademarked materials, and locally fabricates and installs their products with their own employees and certified installers. Their products are so durable that they come with a lifetime warranty.

The Chico store serves all of the North State, from areas north of Sacramento up to the Oregon border. Give them a call or visit the Granite Transformations website for more information.


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