How Moms Can Succeed in Self-Employment and Self-Care


When you have a family, working from home or for yourself makes a lot of sense. A home-based or personal business may create the flexibility you want so you can tend to the many roles of domestic life. Keeping your business running while keeping your life in order can be a dream come true, but practically speaking may not be as easy as one thinks.

As an entrepreneurship and professional trainer, I support moms creating their dream lives through self-employment. And while I’ve coached, mentored and trained hundreds of “mamapreneurs” over the years, I’ve come to see that reaping the rewards of this path takes discipline, clear boundaries, and creativity.

What are some advantages of operating your own business from home? You can make dinner, do laundry and be there for your children’s needs, while making a good living doing what you love. You create your work and pace of growth.

How do you do it?

If you want to start a business, here is my advice: Choose your business wisely. I recommend a business viability study. Do the research and financial projections first. Make sure your business idea will be profitable and that you are implementing it effectively and strategically. Think about your family’s needs and also the potential needs of your business. Make sure that the scheduling and timelines work for both. As you get started, stay focused and continue to learn best practices in marketing and operations.

If you are already a mamapreneur in full motion with your business and raising a family, you may be asking, “How can I make time for me?” To help answer that question, I’ve put together the following list of self-care tips. Once you deeply desire and are committed to well-being, you are ready to establish and anchor habits that keep you healthy and happy.

Practical Self-Care Tips for Mamapreneurs

1) Engage in positive activities. Make a list of the activities that make you feel good. It can be a short list that includes baths, walks by a lake, listening to your favorite music, or watching a comedy. Easy activities that you enjoy are often your keys back to sanity. Consider easy things, like a five-minute stretch, deep breathing, or dancing to your favorite song. Have this list available and use it whenever you can spare a few minutes. A short walk around the neighborhood is better than grabbing a chocolate bar. Gift yourself with at least one longer activity each week, such as a yoga class or time in nature. You deserve it!

2) Manage your self-talk and mental state. Notice what you are thinking and strive gracefully to align your thoughts with positive self-talk. Be willing to find the next best thought and progress from there. Stay positive, and be kind to yourself – speak to yourself like you are your own best friend. I’ve written more about this important topic here:

3) Keep good company! Read inspiring books, spend time with people you admire, and listen to music that is uplifting. You must manage your space and choose what maintains your energy. It is OK to say NO to people that drain you. Choose your friends carefully.

4) Keep visuals in your home, car and office. Photographs, quotes, cards and art can remind you in an instant of what matters most. Consider keeping good-feeling photos and statements visible inside cabinets, closets and desk drawers, and in your car. Appreciate these visual anchors as reminders of what you value.

5) Take care of your body. Simple body care starts with plenty of water! Drink a gallon a day to stay hydrated. Up-level your health with super-foods, green drinks and vegetable snacks. Clear out other temptations and set yourself up at the start of the week with pre-cut veggies to snack on.

6) Master the art of time and scheduling. This is essential! Set priorities based on your values, and create boundaries and plans. Block out time to organize your workspace and home and then stay current. Learn more by watching “Clear Your Workspace,” a free webinar at

7) Ask for help. As your business grows, evaluate if it is time to bring in team members, such as employees or contractors, to accomplish tasks so you can focus on business growth and income generation.

8) Give up perfection. Perhaps the most important thing is simply to go easy on yourself. Once we are “good enough” instead striving to be perfect, we are free and self-judgment falls away. This is ultimate self-care.

OK moms!  Dream your dream and let it happen. When you believe you deserve it and trust that life is on your side, life will cooperate and show you the way.

Joy Taylor
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Joy Taylor is the Director of the Women’s Business Center at JEDI. Her mission is to inspire and empower groups and individuals to purposeful success. With a background in wellness, training and marketing, she enjoys her work as an instructor, speaker and program development specialist.

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