Families in Business: Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candies


Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candies in downtown Chico is more than a place to find quality sweet treats. It’s a regional icon upholding a 75-year family tradition, and a place where local families have come to create their own traditions for multiple generations. From birthday celebrations and business meetings, to sports victories and weekly outings, Shubert’s homemade goodies are a staple of community life.

It all started in 1938. Unable to continue selling insurance when the Great Depression hit, Mr. Leonard Shubert left the cold of Missouri and headed west in search of the perfect place to start an ice cream store. At age 54, he drove down the tree-lined Esplanade in Chico, CA, and decided this was where he would start his new life and business.

art-0814-shuberts2Over seven decades later, Shubert’s is still owned and operated by the same family. Fourth generation Kasey Pulliam-Reynolds and Nathan Pulliam run the business. They make the ice cream, roll out the candies, and dip the chocolate right on the premises. Fifth generation Mati, a high school student, works in the shop, while the youngest family member, second grader Cash, plays a role as “chief quality control officer” after school!

Having been named one of two best ice cream stores in the nation in 2008 by Good Morning America, this family-owned business has put itself on the map as a destination point. All of the ice cream – up to 1,000 gallons a week – is made with Mr. Shubert’s original machines, from 1938 and 1939, which can be seen when you visit the shop. On certain mornings customers may be lucky enough to watch the ice cream being made.

Shubert’s supports the community every day by using many local ingredients. Butter, cream, honey and nuts are purchased from family-owned farms surrounding Chico. The produce used for seasonal favorites – such as boysenberry sundaes in the spring, watermelon sherbet in the summer, and pumpkin ice cream in the fall – is locally grown. Serving 25 to 30 flavors daily, Shubert’s even offers a house favorite named after Mount Shasta, made with chocolate, coconut and marshmallows! Yum.

For a sweet experience of the North State’s history, gather family and friends  together and visit Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candies. It’ll be worth the trip.  


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