Families in Business: Radiant Sun Acupuncture Inc.

art-0814-radiant-sun2Not only is Erica Shepard’s mother the office manager at Radiant Sun Acupuncture, she’s also the catalyst behind this family business. As a teenager, Erica witnessed her mom manage serious health challenges with holistic medicine, including acupuncture, with amazing results. This experience of healing – along with her own positive results in decreasing persistent migraines – inspired Erica to study at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland and pursue becoming a licensed acupuncturist. 

Since 2011, Radiant Sun Acupuncture in Redding has been helping individuals and families find relief and address a variety of health issues. They provide acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and a wide range of therapies in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. By creating individually tailored treatment plans to meet patients’ specific needs, they strive to “inspire whole body healing from within.” 

art-0814-radiant-sunErica credits her parents and husband for their support and encouragement to start her own private practice. Her mom takes care of all daily office work and scheduling. “The best part of working with family is getting to see them almost every day!” says Erica. Even her two young children play a part by being office greeters several times a week. Having her own business has allowed Erica to have the freedom she desired to focus on parenting and on bringing alternative medicine to her community.

Radiant Sun Acupuncture gets involved with community events when possible and donates treatments and gift baskets to local causes. They hope to add workshops and classes for the community in the future. While Erica acknowledges that she could never be where she is right now without her family and the endless hours of support they’ve offered, she knows that none of it would be possible without her wonderful patients. “Each and every one of them light up my day!” she shares.

Erica’s story demonstrates that we don’t have to do it all alone. Whether that’s getting assistance with pain management and stress, or receiving support making our dreams come true, Radiant Sun Acupuncture is a model for coming together to care for one another and enjoy each other’s company along the way!  


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