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With warm weather upon us, we have officially entered the summer party season. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, company picnic, reunion, or you’ve found another reason to throw a fantastic shindig, here are a few extras that can take your party to the next level.

art-0614-bday2Photo booths make lasting instant memories.

Have you ever gotten into one of those silly photo booths and captured your memories in a fun-size strip that begged to be put on your refrigerator door? I have, and I love them! In fact, it’s always something I scan for upon entering the scene … who doesn’t want a keepsake from a special event ? Or maybe you just need a reason to put on those neon feather boas and uber-cute spectacles. Cram as many of your friends as you can into a tiny little box (or bus!) to capture the moment.  

Michelle, from Snapshots Photobooth based in Los Molinos, says, “Everything about a photo booth is fun, silly and spunky! Having a photo booth at any event offers entertainment along with a party favor to treasure. Photo booths bring people together in a fun way, from close friends and spouses to total strangers donning silly hats and glasses, or grabbing mustaches on a stick. There isn’t a professional photographer telling you what to do … the photo booth allows for the inner silly child to come out and strike a pose!”

Painted faces express creativity.

What is cuter than seeing little butterfly or superhero painted faces running around emitting the kind of joy that simple things can bring to your party? Face painting has always been an easy way to create happiness. Whenever I’m at an event with my daughters and see a booth set up to make them feel like their favorite critter or character, I know it’s going to make for a memorable time, and cute pictures too! Jeni from Funny Faces in Chico, says, “There’s nothing better than the smiles on the kids’ faces when they look into the mirror and see themselves transformed into their wildest-dreamed creations, or the giggle when you hand a child a balloon animal.” Face painting is not limited to pint-sized party guests however … I’ve witnessed grown adults get in on the fun and sometimes even relish in their own face art just as much, if not more, than their kids.  

Climb to new heights.   

Perhaps you have a group of rowdy kids (or adults) that are going to need some kind of physical exertion after consuming your delicious party treats. If adventure and challenge equal fun to you, renting a movable climbing wall could very well be the icing on the cake. If you’ve ever laced up your shoes and prepped yourself to climb that simulated mountain, you know it actually presents an internal challenge  – a really fun one!  Mobile Rock Mobile Rock and Extreme Interactives will bring a climbing wall to you from Auburn. Travel is included for Butte County locations in the base price, and in other upper CA counties, for an additional travel fee.  Pricing includes an assistant (or two!): “Those guys work hard, move quick, have great energy, and made it an awesome time for kids & families!” notes customer Rebecca Chhom.

Inflatables enliven the fun.

I admit to being in a last-minute pinch for something to add to a party that made it seem like I had planned it for months. Life gets busy, right? There’s nothing like having a million things going on and suddenly realizing you have to win the affection of an impressive list of guests. After googling “last minute party ideas,” I found the ingenious idea of an inflatable bounce house. Bonus: it had a pool of water to slide into at the bottom. We all know that summer months in the North State can be H-O-T. Needless to say, and tooting my own procrastinator’s horn a tad, I won the hearts of all the little ones at the party.   

art-0614-bday3Enraptured by reptiles.

If you are anything like me, what most captivates your attention are things you just don’t see  at every party. You like to push the envelope a little, right? I admire that, and offer a little piece of advice: Bring in reptiles! You may be thinking “ewwww!” but honestly, they  become a party favorite. Reptiles are a fun and unique addition to any celebration, and create great memories for your guests. Let an expert entertain your guests while you sit back and enjoy the experience! Corey Wallace, from Redding Reptile Parties, is used to being referred to as “the reptile guy” when children see him out and about after attending a reptile party. “We aim to give kids educational and hands-on fun with a party they will never forget!” says Cory.

A mobile adventure.

One sure way to be the talk of the town is to party in style! You don’t have to be a celebrity to share time with your chums in the back of a beautiful limousine. In fact, even if it’s not on your party agenda, you should definitely put it on your bucket list. There is something to be said for a certain amount of pampering, and your guests deserve nothing but the best. Eric Vickery is owner of First Class Shuttle and Limo based in Shasta County. He says theme parties aboard the limo are a big hit with the younger set: “The limo allows people to create a themed birthday party and make it mobile.  A ‘movie,’ ‘rock star,’ ‘princess’ or ‘video game theme’ can include going from place to place having a blast together in the limo.” Adult birthday celebrations in the limo can include progressive dinners or wine tasting at different locations. 

 Whether  you find yourself in a pinch or you’ve been planning for months, I encourage you to do some searching and take a look at what the wonderful North State has to offer you and your next party! Have fun planning!  

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