Feeling Drab or Disheveled? Five Tips To Beautify While Living A Chaotic Life


confess … on occasion I do apply a final coat of mascara while sitting in the car at a red light. I know this behavior does not represent my finest mommy moment, but when “short on time” really means “multi-task like no one’s business,” I do what I can … although with two kids and a business to run, looking my best generally falls to the sidelines.

Ask any mom, and you will find that looking one’s best becomes less and less of a priority the busier life gets. I know from experience that doesn’t have to be the case! Looking good and feeling good as a mom can go hand in hand, and with a few simple tricks, can be easier to achieve than you think. 

Look alive with the five-minute face:

A great concealer, SPF moisturizer and medium coverage face powder are a must to fake a fresh, wide-awake look. To complete the look, focus attention on the eyes, cheeks and lips. Bring just a little color to these three areas and voilà, you look alive! All it takes is a quick swipe of black mascara, a quick wash of a color to the cheeks and a quick dash of gloss to the lips … and once again you’ll look like time is on your side. Try cheek and lip colors that are light and fresh, with a tiny hint of shimmer to brighten. 

Camouflage with cute: 

Do a quick “pick two.” Pick two accessories to compliment your outfit, no matter what you are wearing. Try a colorful scarf and cute shoes. Or earrings and a bracelet. Or a cute jacket and a pair of sunglasses. The list goes on and on … simple, bright, eye-catching accessories can dress up any outfit, any day of the year. My husband is always amazed at how often I get complimented on my shoes, even when I’m still rocking the same t-shirt I slept in the night before! 

Get a good haircut (baseball caps are for the game):

Make an effort to find a style that works for you. If you are a ponytail girl, don’t cut your hair into a short pixie cut. If you don’t have time to shower in the morning, don’t cut your hair into a short pixie cut. The point is, find a hairstyle that fits your lifestyle! Short doesn’t always equal easy and long doesn’t always equal cute. Know what works for you and what your lifestyle allows. Find a good stylist who is willing to consult with you and take the time to find out about your lifestyle. Notice that baseball hats were not mentioned as one of the accessory options listed above… 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate:

Keeping your body and skin hydrated does wonders inside and out. I know that drinking water frequently increases the need to find a bathroom with kids in tow, which can be troublesome, but the glow your skin will radiate and the increase in energy you’ll soon be feeling make it all worth it! Water supports the health of the organs, and healthy organs allow us to function optimally. Simply put, hydrate to survive the day!  

Create an at-home “moment of relaxation”:

The most important part of feeling good and consequently looking good, is taking a moment to refresh and unwind. I myself am not a bath girl, but I love a good hot shower to help me relax from the day. Even if five minutes is all you can muster, make sure to take a moment to unwind in a healthy, meaningful way. Your sanity will thank you for it!  

Alyssa Evirs
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Alyssa Evirs is owner of Boheme Salon and Spa in Redding, CA, and is passionate about safe cosmetics and skin care products.

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