Teen Scene: What Is Your Favorite Room Or Place In Your House, And Why?

art-0314-ts1Keshav Kumar, age 16.
“My favorite room in my house is my kitchen because I’m able to get food, water, and even sleep if necessary, and those are all the necessities of life.”


art-0314-ts2Krystal Rubio, age 16.
“My bedroom, because no one bothers me there and it’s quiet and peaceful.”


art-0314-ts3Katherin Nani Kai McKinnon, age 16.
“My favorite room in my house is the kitchen, because I like to cook and it’s just like a nice family area.”


art-0314-ts4Mason Brooks, age 15.
“My favorite room is probably my bedroom because I have my TV, my Xbox, my beanbag and my bed where I can just kick back and relax.”

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