Teen Scene: What do you do to stay healthy?

Chris Morzenti, age 15.
“I run a lot every week, usually up to forty-five miles. I also go to the weight-room a few times a week.”


art-0214-TommyTommy Houston, age 15.
“I eat healthy, do lots of sports, and I train on the sports’ off-seasons. I also like random recreation stuff, like swimming, biking and hiking.”


art-0214-SamanthaSamantha Steyart, age 16.
“I eat right, and I do dance, which is pretty hard. And I walk everywhere.”


art-0214-KevinKevin Lakin, age 16.
“I do sports, like soccer, basketball and tennis. I try to drink a lot of water and tea, and I don’t drink soda anymore.”

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