14 Valentine’s Day Traditions for Families


Growing up, I always looked forward to Valentine’s Day. I loved making valentines for my friends at school and decorating a shoebox to collect them in. When I got home from school I could always count on chocolates from my mom and a small gift from my dad. Cards came in the mail from grandparents and aunts.

I was definitely made to feel special on Valentine’s Day. I think everyone should get the chance to feel special on this sweet day full of love, so check out the 14 traditions below and give a few a try! You’ll definitely make someone’s day!

  1. It doesn’t matter if your child is in school, is homeschooled, or is too young to be in school, decorating a holder for Valentine’s Day goodies is a must for collecting fun stuff from the day. A cardboard shoebox works great, as does a large plastic ice cream bucket. Just cut a hole in the lid big enough to handle cards, notes and treats, and decorating it with colored paper, felt or cloth hearts, glitter glue, sequins and more!
  2. While your child sleeps, decorate his bedroom door with heart-shaped sticky notes shaped in a wreath, that say all the things you love about him. Older kids may act like this is dorky, but inside they’ll be glowing!
  3. Cards and heart-shaped notes are a must on this day! Of course you’ll buy or make some for your own kids and sweetheart, but don’t forget about nieces, nephews, the friends of your kids, the children of your pals and more. Everyone loves to get mail!
  4. A heart-shaped breakfast is a fun way to start the day. Use a cookie cutter to make heart-shaped pancakes or toast … add strawberry or raspberry jam for color.
  5. Getting dressed should be extra special today, with a color scheme of pink, red, purple and white. Or just go extra fancy!
  6. Break out that heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out a heart sandwich for your child’s lunch. Why not write a silly love poem to your child and pop it in her lunchbox or backpack? … Roses are red; Violets are blue; I love you; Yes, I do do do!
  7. I can’t think of Valentine’s Day without also thinking of chocolate! Set some out in a heart-shaped bowl for a sweet treat.
  8. Make a Valentine Tree for each member of your family. Draw the trunk of a tree and cut out heart-shaped leaves. Write different reasons you love each person and glue the leaves onto their trees. Tape the trees to a bathroom mirror or somewhere in their bedrooms as a reminder of your love.
  9. Surprise your child with a small gift like a book, stuffed animal, stickers or craft supplies… wrapped in heart wrapping paper, of course!
  10. Home-made cookies add a special touch. Whether you start from scratch or buy a mix or pre-made cookie dough, have fun making a creative mess together while baking and decorating the cookies.
  11. Flowers can brighten up anyone’s day. If you don’t expect to receive any, buy them for yourself! If your child is old enough to enjoy a flower instead of eating it, place one flower in a bud vase in his or her room.
  12. Bake a heart-shaped pizza for dinner. It’s easy to shape pizza dough in a large heart, and everyone can take a turn adding a topping they love before it goes in the oven.
  13. Don’t forget about your pets! Buy a heart-shaped food or water bowl, a red, pink or purple collar, or extra treats to include your pets in the fun.
  14. End this lovely day with the DVD Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown or some other cute Valentine’s Day show featuring characters your children love.
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Kerrie McLoughlin is a homeschooling and work-at-home mom of five.

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